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25 Hot Trekkies

Nerds, set your phasers to aroused!


28 Responses to "25 Hot Trekkies"

  1. emerson biguns says:

    who is number 3?

  2. Shabang bang says:


  3. wtf? says:

    what happened, holy taco?

  4. dirk diggler says:

    one is missing. the best one. what is with 7of9

  5. cpt james t cock says:

    most of those chicks were average at best… and a few were dudes. you’re slipping holy taco.

  6. MrKillson says:

    Not fair if you use chicks from the shows.

  7. Chicoson says:

    Easily the least bang-able list yet. I’m not saying it’s HT’s fault, just Trekkies aren’t hot.

  8. skylinerecords says:

    These girls are ho..oh my god, where did she get those Two-Face bookends from Batman: The Animated Series???

  9. DonkeyXote says:


  10. Ookla says:

    Number 11 is only a trekkie dude. The girl is dressed as Saturn Girl from old school Legion of Superheroes.
    Love all the nerdy girls in original series costumes. My nerd side wants.

  11. V@gina says:

    where the hell is 7 of 9?

  12. That is the most relevant question I have heard all day.

  13. GamemasterMB says:

    The green dancer is Yvonne Craig (Batgirl). And yes, 7 of 9 should have been shown, as well as Yeoman Janice Rand.

  14. Blue Shirt says:

    to bad most of them are red shirts.

  15. Joe The Asshole says:

    Man… those are every nerd’s dream… BTW…


  16. smartasswhiteboy says:

    if only they had the same enthusiasm for rimming each others cornhole.

  17. pratik says:

    This was more laughable than hot. The two green chicks were nice though.

  18. Dicknose says:

    One of those chicks is a dude. Fags.

  19. hallo says:


  20. The Mathematician says:

    l2count ya faggots

  21. Anonymousy says:

    set phaser on cock

  22. ridebstyle says:


  23. Captain Kirk says:

    This is the Captain speaking!
    Set course for the bedroom!
    Maximum warp!!!

  24. Damn It!! says:

    Fuck i’m 2nd! Maybe if i was beating off while scrolling down then i would have been 1st. Oh well, nap time. Let me clean off my monitor first. Beam me up!!!

  25. The Goods says:


  26. The photo shoot in the desert with the completely white chicks that haven’t seen the sun in 10 years is pretty hot.