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25 Hot Vikings

girl in chainmail

Ninjas and cowboys may be awesome, but none of them are in this gallery.

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17 Responses to "25 Hot Vikings"

  1. Hot Viking says:

    Wow..the last one..I want her.

  2. BonaFide says:

    Sorry, but again would be better titled as “25 girls w/ stupid horned helmets, who may or may not be ugly as hell but certainly aren’t hot”. Doesn’t roll off the tongue as well but definitely more accurate

    • Ian Fortey says:

      I’m sure your high internet standards serve you well in real life. Your penis must be as arid as the Sahara.

      • Gomer says:

        “…as arid as the Sahara.”


      • BonaFide says:

        Well I’m certainly not gonna jack-off to chicks I could actually pull in real life. Your low internet/real-life standards are the reason you’re fucking retarded, due to advanced-stage syphilis

        • Ian Fortey says:

          I’m sorry you find it hard to jack off to Holy Taco. In the future I will endeavor to aid you in achieving your goal. This must be very frustrating for you.

          • The Legion says:

            Way to go Bonafide. Ian’s fag ass just got pwned!!!

            BTW Ian, your mom’s just not good looking enough. So stop posting her pics here, since we definitely don’t have the same testes in women.

        • seanchez says:

          If BonaFide is habitually tugging bonasmall to Holy Taco, and actually making a snail track on his mom’s bed from doing so, he would not last very long in a situation involving a real girl.

          • Ian Fortey says:

            Your request has been noted Legion. I’ll try to keep my mom off the site. I have to go nap now, I’m so tired from being pwned.

    • Vanqueefer says:

      who bona really guy? you think you can pull off #9 that rack cost more that all the BJ and handjobs you handed out over the past 3 years. regardless its 25 chicks and you would probally strike out with everyone gal in #22. how can you bitch about looking at women maybe if you werent so cheap you buy a subscription to hustler, and pray that these chicks dig your fake job and life. how about you post a picture of your self hot shot 25 of em in a viking theme and lets see how damn sexy you are.

  3. Oompa Loompa says:

    “25 of the hottest vikings we could find” would be a better title.

    I doubt there are very many hot viking chicks out there.

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    Ha!! there’s Astrid from ‘How To Train Yer Dragon’. She’s difinitelly a cold blooded Viking, not sure about the others though. One or two looked Greeks.

  5. Your Mom's Ass says:

    Picture 8 = Catchers mitt

  6. Gomer says:

    But seriously, what’s with the fucking tacos covering the best parts???!!!!

  7. No way. says:

    No shiT! I went to high school with the one fifth from the bottom!