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25 Hot Vintage Babes



28 Responses to "25 Hot Vintage Babes"

  1. Anna says:

    creepy, 6 down looks just like me

  2. Retrin says:

    agree with philosopher (y)

  3. pratik says:

    Never thought they could make granny panties hot.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yet your family still has to resort to incest.

  5. critter says:

    hey, i think one of those IS my grandama…..

  6. philosopher says:

    there is a theory going around, that evolution is making girls sexier to increase breeding, a lot of these woman are hot… but not as much by todays standards

  7. uhh says:

    holy fucking tacos!! the second pic is my neighbor!!! no joke shes a grandma…her name is dianne

  8. Likes Hair says:

    I was hoping for some more hair in various places on those girls…but not as much as in that last picture!

  9. Robert Roe says:

    Classic pics always make my nuts explode!!!

  10. Roswellianism says:

    Mmmmm, yes. Bettie Page. The BEST Vintage Vixen of all time.

  11. xXGRIMMJOWXx says:


  12. Art Director from Pete and Pete says:

    Like Spam still fresh.

  13. bonzoello says:

    they just dont make em like they yoosta

  14. jimbo says:


  15. Blah says:

    The person that picked these clearly had no idea what a real pin up picture is. This isn’t really vintage so much as porn before it’s time. Most of these are probably people’s home pictures that go out over time. And a a hell of a lot less elegant then anything that was produced for public sale at those times. Kudos on the bearded lady though!

  16. Senor Swine says:

    well done fellas, classic!

  17. jethro says:

    so there were hot women back then, eh?

  18. Sergi says:

    in the cotton field, where else.

  19. clubf00t says:

    shave the beard then we’ll talk

  20. dusty dick says:

    Nothin better than silk and nylon and high heels…..ahhhh ahhhh SPLOOOOOOOOGE!

  21. Snap says:

    Way to go, champ.

  22. noahaction says:

    observations: they wore a lot of gear and most of the women willing to be photographed look like men.

    noahaction – just sayin

  23. polemic nourished says:

    no, you love him long time, he rikey, he rikey

  24. lisa flower says:

    I want to why a men cant com when doing it .About 1 hour and still nothing.What is me or what.

  25. white mike says:

    I like that 50 years has gone by and the naked with shoes thing is still popular and not just a fad :thumbs up

  26. Ronald McDonald says:

    These women are HOT…except for the last one.

  27. Philosophuck says:

    Not only am I a gay, but I’m also first!

  28. Philosopher. says:

    Why’s my mum in the last picture? I though that was meant to be a joke?
    And I only fuck her after she shaves.