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25 Inappropriate Children’s Books

I don’t remember any of these.


26 Responses to "25 Inappropriate Children’s Books"

  1. Anonymouscrap says:

    the hanging tree is pretty traumatizing for a kid 0_0!!!
    im sure that the writers were on crack when they wroye these “child books”

  2. mark says:

    Laying Cable made me LOL. Disney has gotten wise. Now they have “Baby’s First Pooh Bear” instead of Baby’s First Pooh!

  3. Anonymooses says:

    Cooking with pooh was a real book, which I got for christmas as a small child. it came with cookie cutters and a stupid little rolling pin I think.

  4. msm says:

    so is walter the farting dog

  5. Stick says:

    I liked these better on Cracked.

  6. Scoots McGee says:

    Yeah, I did the “Cat Who Shat in His Hat” for Cracked. Not sure how it ended up on here.

  7. jennifer flower says:

    my daughter brought ‘walter the farting dog’ home from her school library just this week. she tells me they are a seiries and her teacher has the lot. i am… stunned….

  8. iPodLuverStellza1324 says:

    Wait i’m confused are these all real??? or just some of them…?

  9. Shumone says:

    You forgot curious George and the Ebola Virus.

  10. Girl that likes REAL MEN says:

    Awww how manly. I think I can feel some moisture building up in my knickers from the scent of your alfa male pheromones.


  11. SolveigFK says:


  12. office jerk says:

    i liked the paddington one… cute.

  13. pratik says:

    Let’s Shit In The Woods will always be my favorite.

  14. DonkeyXote says:

    Cooking with Pooh hits close to home.

    My mom calls it angry fudge.

  15. office jerk says:

    haha… cute

  16. jennifer flower says:


  17. Goolie says:

    Phart in the Shart = http://bit.ly/h8NJI

  18. WINny says:

    haha cooking with pooh! Fantastico!

  19. Ann Onymous says:

    sadly, i dont think that one is made up

  20. Ha ha Sucka says:

    First first first…. ha ha ha I love life…..

  21. Ha ha Sucka says:

    crap…. nevermind

  22. koighok says:

    Ha ha Sucka

  23. Ben Affleck says:

    Should have waited a week for this posting. I hear the Berenstein Bears are releasing a new book called “Fuck the niggers, fuck Mexico, and fuck you”

  24. _Chuck Norris says:

    I wrote all of those books, like seven times each.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Chuck Norris sucks dick