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25 Insane Book Covers

Whoever said you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover was an idiot. Considered yourself judged, books!


50 Responses to "25 Insane Book Covers"

  1. The Poo Master says:

    Funny thing, my mother just bought that “what’s your poo telling you?” for my brother-in-law, cuz he shits a lot, and its actually rather interesting… not to mention hilarious!

  2. animefangirl:3 says:

    holy fuck, i think i read number 2 when i was like 12 or something o.o

  3. shit awesome says:

    lol the little people was the best… WTF?

  4. RoxHardy says:

    “Speeding Mullet”? Me thinks I see a bad Photoshop. Have you seen Lisa Ann’s version of “Going Rogue”? Same photo, more clevage.

  5. ERreee says:


  6. Ragin'Boner says:

    Little people was the best. Nazi Midgets will rule the world

  7. PuckJew says:

    Fuck all Sarah “GunslingerRetardHick” Palin Fans.

  8. Haywood Jablowme says:

    duck my sick, Korean homo! maybe you’d prefer to live under rule of Kim Jong-il and be unable to write things such as this and be hungry 24/7.

  9. How Bout' says:

    You guys need to check this book out.
    Found it one day while surfing for a school book on amazon.
    (Check out the picture)


  10. Steve says:

    You people have serious issues. It is possible to dissagree with someones political views and not get so personal.
    Grow up.

  11. Fagosaurus says:

    Really STEVE? Go change your depends bro

  12. Don't Ask Don't Tell... about poo says:

    I wish I hadn’t read your comment. :/

  13. mmmmmmmmmmhhhh says:

    I think that tacos are the shiz nit

  14. Ed Gein says:

    He’s right you know. They really are.

  15. Ed Gein says:

    Steve’s right. We’re all (including myself) acting like childish assholes. The internet brings that out in people.

  16. The Coolest Person On EARTH says:

    Everyone who has posted on this thread is now gay.

    And you all look fab by the way.

  17. Ed Gein's Dead Mother says:


  18. havokgamer says:

    LMFAO @ “Speeding Mullet”

  19. 4 says:

    they make my nips bleed.

  20. Dick Face says:

    I don’t WTF the pic was but I can tell it is filled with shit, disease and hate, what a c@#t!

  21. kim long il says:

    Ha Ha yanks, you so gay

  22. HaroldKoch says:

    First by the way,
    Internet troll. Obese, Redneck Woman.

  23. belle says:

    prob not crative, but def true. uninformed redneck. fact

  24. First, by the way says:

    That really was not creative at all.

  25. LULWUT says:

    Creative or not, you’re still retarded

  26. First, by the way says:

    Going Rogue,
    Great book. Great Woman.

  27. Anonymousy says:

    Speeding mullet is a photoshop:


    What is the point of posting it here?

  28. durrrrrrrrrr says:

    hardly a photoshop, its clearly the name of an awesome book about super fast mullets

    you’re just ignorant

  29. MulletFan says:

    Also, the picture is obviously a photograph of a real event.

  30. Teddy Horse says:

    there is a “M” taped on the cover

  31. S-wipe says:

    Hey, how come Bible is not on the list.

  32. Ed Gein says:

    Will somebody please respond to this smug atheist douche? Fine, I’ll do it! When you die you will become John Wayne Gacy’s bitch in hell! There you go, somebody cared to respond. I cared. I care about you man. I don’t want a zombie Gacy to show you the “handcuff trick” for all eternity. Now go out there and act superior to everyone. (I feed trolls so they don’t die)

  33. havokgamer says:

    So you become one yourself?

    Makes sense.

  34. pratik says:

    Well, she is hotter than the average female politician. But that’s about as far it goes. Most female politicians look like Ted Kennedy with rounder tits.

  35. FunkyMunkey says:

    Be glad you have Palin. In the UK, our choices are Ann Widdecombe and Margaret Thatcher.

  36. colleen says:

    You want her over there? Take her and get her off our fucking hands.

  37. Yummy!! says:

    I’ll suck a burrito out of J-Lo’s ass anytime!


  38. kebabs99 says:

    Totally hot! I’d drag my balls through a mile of shattered glass to hear her pee into a tin can. over the phone.

  39. john Goodman says:

    Going Rogue.
    The stupidest book I’ve ever read. The lamest women I’ve ever listened to and read. Hot though.

  40. Ben Affleck says:

    Who started that whole claim that she’s hot? She’s like 45 or some shit and obviously so. Go to a mall and redefine your ideas of hot.

  41. AlaNonymous says:

    Shut the fuck up Ben Affleck. The only piece of ass that you ever had was that trash Burrito face stuffing Jennifer Lopez.

    In the grand scheme of things the averageness of your comment really is metaphorical for your life in general.

    Eat a bag of dicks and die.

  42. Exile says:

    Is there a part in the Big Fat Teddy Kennedy comic book where he leaves a young woman trapped in a sinking car.

    I wish I believed in God, just so I’d know that fat fuck is getting anally raped by Nixon in Hell.

    Oh and nice dig on our 45th President Sarah Palin. Where’s Obama’s autobiography Mein Kampf?

  43. BarackBinLaden says:

    Do your research, she obviously can’t be our 45th president because Obama is the Anti-christ, so the world will end, but good christians like you will go to heaven. Meanwhile, all the sinners who have worked for equality for the poor will surely burn in hell for attempting to bring social justice to America.

  44. Ed Gein says:

    When Bush and Cheney get to hell they can have a hot four way with Nixon and Teddy. Chicken Hawks fuckin’ scumbags, with the gnashing of teeth. One more thing,eat a dick tea party rednecks. Put your side arms into your mouths, pull the triggers and do us all a favor. 70 percent of Americans hate you and think you’re fucking crazy.

  45. idiot says:

    I want to be like all the other idiots posting… So here it goes.

  46. Anonymous258456985 says:


  47. omgwtfbbq says:


  48. Anonamaous says:

    Your nickname is fail so cuck my sock.

  49. First Bitches!!!! says:

    Finally First Suck It

  50. NotoriosGIB says:

    Fail, you pussy bitch