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25 Insane Face Tattoos

raiders head tattoo

Tattoos are an artistic way to express your inner blah blah – these wingnuts tattooed their faces.  Also, we didn’t include that guy with the skull tattoo.  You’ve seen him already.

racist tattoo

implants in face

white supremacist mugshot

totally messe dup face

bad even by face tattoo standards

mustache tattoo

ice cream cone tattoo

radio station tattoo

checker face

prison tattoos

psycho tattoo on an idiot

girl with chest to face tattoo

pacman tattoo

full head tattoo

vegan tattoo

awful face tattoos

ugly face tattoos

tribal pattern

lapd face tattoo

robo face

olympics tattoo

nose anchor

lame tattoo

dick butterfly tattoo

18 Responses to "25 Insane Face Tattoos"

  1. Myles Long says:

    What a bunch of idiots. I’m thinking about getting one on my stomach with an arrow pointing down that says $5 Foot Long.

  2. Eric says:

    Unless you are Maori, you have no business tattooing your face. Plus they do it old school, hitting a sharp bone, dipped in ink, with a stick.

    • Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

      your comment made me hard for some reason.

    • DonkeyXote says:

      “Unless you are Maori, you have no business tattooing your face.”

      Here we have another miserable zealot Maori claiming ownership of private assets, even when it doesn’t concern their fucking face, let alone their culture (moko).


      • Eric says:

        dude, I’m not even fucking Maori, I’m just saying that it’s the only legitimate reason, that I can see, to have a facial tattoo.

        • Trix says:

          There’s a difference between a moko – like the one that that woman has on her chin, and the tool of the “vegan” guy – and a generic facial tattoo.

          Tattoos all over the body have been around since before there were Maori – they don’t own the concept of tattooing on the face. Moko and particular designs, yes, those are Maori cultural artifacts.

  3. rotundo the clam says:

    The checkerboard fella doesn’t actually have his face and head tattooed, that’s just marker. The rest of his body is in checkerboard though. He has some sort of disease that left the muscle in half of his body degenerated or something like that, and decided to get a bunch of tattoos to cover it up a bit and draw attention elsewhere.

    • Ian Fortey says:

      His name is Matt Gone and that isn’t marker, those are tattoos. Since that pictured he even tattooed his eyes. He’s got almost 100% tattoo coverage on his body.

  4. morterforker says:

    why so many people w/ face tat’s have mug shots? coincidence?

  5. SortableTurnip says:

    You put #3 way too high on the list…you should have been building up to that trainwreck

  6. Critter says:

    say it with me kids: drugs are bad!!

  7. bad acid trip says:

    I actually have a tattoo on my face of a face with tattoos

  8. smorsh says:

    that last “woman” is the thing of terrible nightmares

  9. kittykatty says:

    The guy with “Psycho” tattooed on his forehead also has “Fuck You” tattooed on his eyelids, and his dad also has some “awesome” facial tattoos also, iirc.