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25 Insane ScarificationTattoos

Tattoos are so 2006.  The new cool thing is to horribly mutilate yourself.


63 Responses to "25 Insane ScarificationTattoos"

  1. Anatomy Student says:

    But the Aorta doesn’t branch off of the Right Atrium…

  2. internet tough guy says:

    Judging by the subject of the Tattoos, some of these people are freaky weird (compliment), but some of them are clearly incredibly tasteless and dumb.

  3. SionH says:

    Two words; ‘lemon juice’. That’d learn ‘em.

  4. What exactly the fuck??? says:


    Sometimes drastic measure need to be done to put common sense into people heads again!

  5. Anatomy says:

    That vein/artery (whatever you thought it was) on the lower right does not exist on the human heart buddy. <3

  6. The heart was cool but the rest are freaky.

  7. BOBBIRAPTOR says:

    i suppose they apply a lot of pressure and ice around the area

  8. too many douchs says:

    how does that even have anything to do with common sence? your opinion doesnt matter no matter how bombastic you try to present it, its there body they can do what they want to it. its called tolerance, try it.

  9. j4ro says:

    I don’t think so. But I wonder why they ain’t bleeding a lot during making that shit…

  10. misleepy:3 says:

    From experiance, that will sting like a bitch before it gets better oAo
    Also, what’s with the guy with hair nipples?

  11. ks297 says:

    Actually, it does. That’s the aorta branching downward towards the abdomen and femoral arteries. <3

  12. db says:

    Got lemon juice?

  13. Kitkat says:

    I am not at all sure that is the correct usage of the word bombastic, nice try though…

  14. Anony says:

    People will do fucking anything in an attempt to be “different”

  15. Anatomy Studen says:

    Too bad it wasn’t in the right position. That would have been much cooler, if he had done is homework more.

  16. Anaition says:

    This is THE most disgusting shit I’ve seen in a while…It looks like it hurts like a bitch…Wouldn’t like to see ‘em f*cking infected. No!!!…Just…nooooo!!

  17. mootZILL@ says:

    Did she ask for some of my aids joose on
    her back? Yes. Bada bing. Badda BOOM!!

  18. dildos says:

    Fuuuuuuuck that shit.

  19. Anonymous6581232447114 says:

    wonder if they would sell me the leftover skin? Mmm tasty…..

  20. PhantomV48 says:

    While at sea, The Vikings would make cuts in themselves and bathe in sea water. By the time they got where ever they were going, they would all have symbols on them, in salt scar form. No wonder they were so bad-ass.

  21. char says:

    some of this is just pen ink i think. Although most of them look pretty real

  22. WVgirl03 says:

    The skin is too thin over the sternum; he would risk exposing bone too easily. Take some more anatomy classes.

  23. DJDeuceGrunt says:

    @ the geisha on the dude’s back…

    HOLY EFFIN CRAP!!! I can’t imagine how long that must have taken!

  24. catcher says:

    well done, you are now unique, just like everybody else

  25. Van Damme says:

    I hate all these people.


  26. Dr POoPenHEiNZ says:

    that shit is too crazy ! even for my standards

  27. JR says:

    wtf is wrong with these people? kill urself.

  28. rags says:

    Holy shit ….these guys r really strong.. crazy freaks… but cool

  29. carl says:

    Some of these are really cool looking, especially that Bhudda (sp? too lazy to google, hell I don’t even know if it’s actually Bhudda) one.

  30. too many douchs says:

    i still think yoda wooda been one of the most painfull

  31. Hugh Jassole says:

    I’m 41 club kid. I’m old enough to be your Dad. Oh wait,,, shit! Tell your Mom I told her to kill you.

  32. fonzyh12 says:

    what a f’ing poser posting shit on a site.

  33. Brandon says:

    Some day, when you’re over 18, you’ll look back at your comment and realize how you are more part of the system than you have ever imagined.

  34. dat dude says:

    just blow me

  35. your uncles says:

    i think a 41 club “kid” is wierder and creeper then all this

  36. Hugh Jassole says:

    No difference between these fuqn posers and some fuqn douche hip hop fashion boy clown prancing down the runway. Death to all posers.

  37. Terry-Bruge Hiplo says:

    Either you’re definitely not 41, or a gigantic manchild haha

  38. DDDfrm707 says:

    If you have to ask why, then you will never understand.

  39. OXO Cube says:

    Why, I mean SRSLY, why?


  40. What exactly the fuck??? says:

    There “IS” nothing in trying to understand this crap, get some help! SERIOUS!!!!!!!!

  41. Chomik3000 says:

    Some of them, are rly awesome!
    But i don’t know why people doin’ smth like this…

  42. Mel Gibson says:

    It’s *their* you absolute fucktard & it’s everyone’s right to judge freaks when they choose to mutilate their-selves in an attempt to be different. Idiot

  43. RA says:

    Who the fuck are you (the dumb ass negative commenter) to judge? Its there body, there mind and they can do just whatever the fuck they want to do with it.

  44. Don says:


    What the hell is this?

  45. JOey Deeson says:

    Wow, thats downright scary shitt dude. Seriously.


  46. a dude... says:

    this shit is sick dudes…

  47. Barn Door says:

    25 Insane Scarification Tattoos that got infected would have been more interesting.

  48. pratik says:

    If this doesn’t drive the chicks wild, it’ll sure send them running for the hills.

  49. The Naughty Professor says:

    I pooped my pants.

  50. too many douchs says:

    no shit eh. thank you someone that maybe kinda knows there history and isnt a total ignorant douchbag. there are obviously ppl that get tattoos and piercings solely to be “cool” then your a poser. i like that shit, not everything but fuck if you dont like it fuckoff.

  51. Anu says:

    Oh and BTW:
    It’s nothing new – like tattoos and piercings it’s something very old from native folks.

  52. Dolly says:

    omg totally freaked out. Effin Gross!

  53. jess says:


  54. carina says:

    wow, they are brilliant…nothing like good body mods…i doubt any of them are ink, char.

  55. sohbet says:

    i still think yoda wooda been one of the most painfull

  56. How does that shit not get infected?

  57. HolyWar says:

    Slayer f*cking rules!

  58. Stina says:

    But look at the finished products. These are called carvings. They are amazingly beautiful! I have been saving up to have my Cherry Tree carved into my back. If done properly, and cleaned properly, they come out very beautiful.

  59. DonkeyXote says:

    How does that shit not get infected?


  60. Yea boiii says:

    too many geeky looking pics

  61. Kari Sauber says:

    Please give credit to the body modification artists who have done these. Quite a few of them are pictures taken directly from my online portfolio on http://www.BMEzine.com, as well as on my personal website.

    Kari Sauber

  62. charlie says:

    I don’t know any of the people in these pictures, i can only speak for myself. My mods (guaged ears, several face and body piercings, and three brands) are not about being ‘different’ they are about being myself, i would still have them if no one else ever saw them.
    And as far as the accusations of mental illness or mutilation, i understand this looks extreme to someone unfamiliar with it but it’s just body art, i used to be a cutter i know the difference.