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25 Ironic Signs

It’s like rain on your wedding day, or tape on a sign that says don’t use tape.

Brazilian Commentator Faints (TotalProSports)
Live Your Dream Job (MadeMan)
Danica Patrick Fever (AllLeftTurns)
Todays MMA Fight Picker (Cagepotato)
How Would You Like To Bang Kate Gosselin? (LemonDrop)
Weird Valentines Day Gifts (Coed)
Be A Funny DD (TopCultured)
A Real Cat Lady (EvilChili)
Pantless Tree Girl (IAmBored)
Brits Create Shatterproof Pint Glass (Maxim)
Cats Are Awesom (EJB)
Buy The Megaman Beanie (BuzzFeed)
McG Directs Airbud (FilmDrunk)

28 Responses to "25 Ironic Signs"

  1. Senor Obvious says:

    Pho tow chawpe – Not Viet Soup

  2. Jackopaws says:


  3. Phil McCracken says:

    That upside down car is like a million spoons when all you need is a knife

  4. office jerk says:

    not much irony in those signs. neither in the song either, but maybe that was the irony

  5. FunkyMunkey says:

    It’s not ironic! Uy, how many times…


  6. Jim says:

    I get it! It’s ironic that Alanis Morissette even matters anymore! :-)

  7. This was dumb says:

    Many, many photoshopped pictures and a couple real ones. Dumb.

  8. Tom says:

    Hoboken high school one? I don’t get it.

  9. Martha says:

    A killdeer is a type of bird.

  10. Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo says:

    The seagull is a well known photoshop. Several of these others I suspect are as well.

    These pointless lists and slide shows posing as articles are only contributing the the rampant copy pasting of other peoples work. I am tired of it.

  11. assman says:

    HT is ironic

  12. dondig says:

    yes, i really do think…

  13. MrKillson says:

    Could’a done without that last one.

  14. Furry Camel Toed Jew says:

    How did they get my picture?

  15. dildozer says:

    Boy those were ironic as fuck!

  16. AnonymousNinja says:

    I didn’t get the last one. Could one of you bitches please educate me in an arrogant manner?

  17. Dick Clark says:

    Could I!? But you’re not worth it.

  18. GUnit says:

    It’s Alanis Morissette, get it. Ironic

  19. AnonymousNoob says:

    Oh, ahahahaha

  20. AnonymousQHancock says:

    The Raceland Elementary one is obviously fake, so is the one with the bird. I mean the bird one is a fair photoshop so I can see missing that one but the Raceland Elementary one looks like it is done in MS paint

  21. Turbo Tax says:

    That was one was freaky.

  22. Olala says:

    OMG I think I got herpes or a bad rash all over my poop shute. How am I gonna be able to shoot poop straight, now?

  23. Twattage Cheese says:

    Use an ass snorkel.

  24. Alanis Morissette says:

    Who would’ve thought? It figures.

  25. Dave Coulier says:

    Cut. It. Out!

  26. JImmy Soho says:

    OMgosh dude those are some of the funniest signs I have ever seen!


  27. Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo says:

    Fucking spammer. DIAF.