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25 Kicks to the Crotch

Is there anything on Earth more horrible than a kick to the crotch?  No.  At least nothing we’ve endured.  We’ve never had a bone marrow transplant or delivered a kid or anything.  Maybe something like that would be worse.  But until we can confirm, the kick to the crotch holds down the number one spot on our list of things we go out of our way to avoid each day.  These people probably do too.


15 Responses to "25 Kicks to the Crotch"

  1. tim says:


  2. Retard says:

    I wear a cup 24/7 so my tiny penis looks huge in my tight emo jeans and so when I get into a fight with my boyfriend he wont bruise my nads.

  3. klawfinty says:

    so im not the only one

  4. Tony Montana says:

    What the fuck is wrong with this guy? NO. Okay? Fuck NO.

  5. lolwut says:

    What are you, nuts?

  6. hey says:

    @lolwat zing!

  7. Im not a girl, Im just emo says:

    Try putting a banana peel in the cup…having tight emo jeans on super skinny gayish legs can get real hot in the summer. The banana peel absorbs the nut sweat and will make your sack smell like a banana pie. us emo guys love smoking a pole that smells of banana. Now my heart is raw and exposed…I feel like crying next to a glory hole.

  8. EL POOKADOR says:


  9. bobby says:


  10. Vince The Slap Chop & Shamwow Guy / Hooker Beater / Preacher says:

    You’re gonna love my nuts.

  11. sick bastard says:

    guys getting hit in the nuts: the backbone of American comedy

  12. Travis Bucharest says:

    Skinny jeans…pretty gay.

  13. CoolyoSanchez says:

    Look, it’s as simple as this, nads are God’s joke on men. Like Vince the Priest Guy says, you’re gonna sin. This is God’s little “payback” plan for men who sin. Something so sensitive that you would rather walk 3 miles home instead of taking the direct 5 minute route cause there’s a guy/girl there that MIGHT kick you in the groin. God’s payback plan for women, child birth. Every time a man is kicked in the groin or a child is born, God chuckles a little bit.

  14. That poor Mickey. Hope it was a girl in their.

  15. ChrisBlue says:

    So a bunch of nut shots on this site can’t even get a good group of comments? I guess nothing here can. It’s like there’s some aura of idiots around this site, protecting it from people who might be interested in it. FOR FUCKS SAKE, IT’S CROTCH SHOTS! Only Fortey can save this place, because it’s population of retards and homophobes (yup, I must be gay) seem to be the only thing around. And now, I shall enjoy the flaming from all the fucking idiots who comment here!