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25 Lazy Security Guards

We’re all in good hands.


55 Responses to "25 Lazy Security Guards"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    Why isn’t someone braining these lazy fuckers with a bottle and taking all their shit?!? For instance, I look at the second picture and think, why isn’t someone taking her gun and blowing her brains out all over the concrete?

  2. Anonymouz says:

    Perhaps because most of us don’t find the need to take advantage of that situation you sic fuck.

  3. lukasmonster says:

    i think the guy in picture #16 is dead….

  4. donkeypunch says:

    Destroy the Vagina!

  5. savagemouse says:

    I don’t know, are you sure some of those dudes haven’t been capped by terrorists?

  6. Jew Leader says:

    not my chair, not my problem. thats what i say.

  7. Tampracing.com says:

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  8. Baiting Master says:

    Last pic, dude’s just doing his Mall Cop job. Paul Blart mobile go! 5 pics above that… damn homeboy is sleepin with a rifle just waiting to be snatched up.

  9. agegaplove says:

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  10. SpiritGuide says:

    Nothing new about cops and guards having sleepies, lol.

  11. WhalePimpOfTheSea says:

    10 Black guys, 9 White guys, and 6 Asians. Why am I not surprised this many Whites and Blacks are sleeping on the job? They’re probably dreaming about getting back on welfare.

  12. pratik says:

    About two months late.

  13. Peter Griffin says:

    so is your mom.

  14. Jay says:

    Anonymouz Says:
    January 22nd, 2010 at 06:37 am
    there’s a fucking nigger for president, who the fuck do you think is in charge?

    I didn’t know is mom was elected President, I thought Obama had won.

  15. lucy says:

    lol …waait a minute…wtf …conan is that you?

  16. ultaviolent says:

    worst job i every had was a night security guard. like watching paint dry; grass grow; reading the above comments…dull as hell.

  17. coco says:

    Hey, your comments are great, and I’m gonna let you finish. But, I just wanted to say that Conan has one of the best nighttime talk shows ever.

  18. Lois Griffin says:

    Peter, stop posting on lame websites and get back home so I can fuck you in your ass again.

  19. Quagmire says:


  20. Chris Griffin says:

    Mom theres a evil monkey on my closet!!!

  21. PenyWise says:

    Holy Nap !

  22. DonkeyXote says:

    I’m pretty sure that over half of the Souless Ginger’s rectum is filled with a diverse mix of gooey sediments mostly made up of semen and urine.

  23. The Souless Ginger says:

    I’m pretty sure that over half of these guys are dead.

  24. Dutch Barlow says:

    by the way, i found your soul. you left it on the bus. if you want it back just shoot me a carrier pigeon with your info. if i don’t hear from you i’m going to devourer it so that i may grow more powerful and crush the bones of my rivals.

  25. Kanye West says:

    Well I’m sure you know since you spend most of your day grinding on it faggot!

  26. Mattress says:


  27. Broseph says:

    you guys should fuck me! MY EMAIL IS DOOVID-B@HOTMAIL.COM

  28. Mrs.Cocksucker says:

    I love sucking my husband’s cock!

  29. ZigZagFag says:

    So do I!!!

  30. Mrs.Cocksucker says:

    I know. I watched you swallow his load.

  31. Baller As Hell says:

    first! if you post below me you suck cock

  32. Baller As Hell says:

    well.. im posting below me because i love cocks hehe

  33. couriers mom says:

    ooh! suck mine!

  34. bunghole says:

    what a bunch of queers.

  35. Baller As Hell says:

    no way

  36. couriers mom says:

    so selfish. all i want is someone to do to me what my son and donkeyxote do to everyone else.

  37. willdo says:

    I’ll do you all day long baby

  38. Blargh says:

    And you only know that because you sucked mine first !

  39. Dick sucker says:

    Why do you guys have to make everything so gay?

  40. bullshigat says:

    This comments section is one big gay fandango!

  41. Bosco says:

    Notice how 90% of these fuckers are either black or mexican? They try to prove that they aren’t worthless and lazy by going out and getting a fancy security guard job…. and then they fall the fuck asleep on the job.

  42. Shane says:

    You are racist and that’s funny.

  43. Spirk says:

    @Vktor, You sir, are retarded. Mexican is a nationality. Mexicans come from Mexico. Cubans come from Cuba. See how that works now? Ya moron!

  44. Pamito says:

    What a stupid comment. The rest are as gay as you are, Bosco. You lousy racist.

  45. I think the definition of a security guard includes time for sleeping on the job.

  46. The Mathematician says:

    The 14 that can be described as either black or mexican do not represent 90% of the 26 security guards featured.

  47. JacktheStripper says:

    Well put

  48. BRAINS OF THE OP says:


  49. Anonymouz says:

    there’s a fucking nigger for president, who the fuck do you think is in charge?

  50. Ralph the Wonder Llama says:

    Bosco you are a fucking idiot. I would hardly call a minimum wage job “fancy”.
    Go back to diddling your sister.

  51. almost Anonymous says:

    Thats lives, not lifes. maybe you should get out and read something. Like the dictionary. or your moms porn site.

  52. Vktor says:

    Since when is Mexican an ethnicity asshole. Half of these black guys can be blacks and hispanics at the same time just like Cubans. White’s are the laziest people out of all the ethnicities.

  53. Anonymouss says:

    yeah but we are in charge so its ok

  54. Wow says:

    Pay attention to how quickly these comments went from sucking cock to just racist…….God I love HT comment boards..

  55. In your mom says:

    Racism is one of the last entitlements for the pigskins. Without it, all they would have left is hot dogs and babies in dumpsters.