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25 Lesser Known Green Lanterns

red lantern

Green Lantern opens today and to celebrate that, let’s enjoy some cosplay that covers some of the lanterns out there who are getting less attention than Ryan Reynolds.  Like the Orange Lanterns.  And the White ones.  And, yes, every other color of the rainbow.

black lantern

green vs yellow lantern

blue lanterns

white lantern hawkgirl

red and orange lantern

yellow lantern scarecrow

indigo lantern

english cop lantern

black lanterns

orange lantern

blue lantern

red and yellow lanterns

victorian lantern

blue and indigo lanterns

orange lex luthor

ghetto white lantern

black lantern

blue and green lantern

deadpool orange lantern

red lantern

indigo lantern

yellow lantern

iron green lantern

dex-star red lantern cat

2 Responses to "25 Lesser Known Green Lanterns"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    That fifth one and the zombie one, boy oh boy. What I would do put those lanterinas out!!