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25 Little People Being Awesome

They might be little, but they’re awesome in a very big way. 


22 Responses to "25 Little People Being Awesome"

  1. jewish guy says:

    Ahh yes midgets, good times good times

    When i was in the states i picked up a mexican midget hooker in new york, she was surprised as hell when i unzipped my pants and showed her my one eyed snake.

    long story short i tickled her uterus.

    Fucking midgets…for those who want to fuck kids legally

  2. pete says:

    fucking midgets…for guys who have small dicks 2 feel big for 1 minute and 20 seconds

  3. HerbertKoch says:

    I wonder how hard it was for HT to resist re-reposting the
    a-team pic? Personally, I applaud you HT. Bravo.

  4. Hamsnibit says:

    Holy shit, it’s Joshua Jackson’s mini-me in #17, either that or that’s what he looks like in one of the other dimensions on Fringe.

  5. Chumba says:

    Lol, i’m surprised there’s no Wee-man Acuna in there, or mini-me, or Deep Roy (The new oompa-loompa).

    (Vern’s a total perv from what I hear, making good use of his height to look up, and feel up, skirts when he’s at clubs)

  6. Peffles says:

    three quarters of these are like photoshopped

  7. DethMunky says:

    I would throw some 50 cent peices for the midget stripper

  8. DonkeyXote says:


    Now, that’s funny!

  9. ARTYFISHALL says:

    They could maybe use midgets for medical experimentation.

  10. No way!!! says:

    I almost choked to death laughing when i read that!!!!

  11. office jerk says:


  12. Puff says:

    Because you touch youself at night.

  13. Mr,S says:

    why not?

  14. stranger says:


  15. Claynoidial says:

    OMFG its Burglekutt
    “i will have this land and youll be workin in the mines”

  16. willow fuckin rocks!! says:

    dude hes fat now

  17. weak says:

    weak sauce

  18. thunderboobies says:

    is that michael bay with a midget on the 4th from the bottom

  19. poopants says:

    why bother with the ones that are incredibly faeke?

  20. queeftard's retarded vaginal fart says:

    Gary Coleman is in the 4th one. I like to touch myself at night.

  21. nutbuster says:

    nice photoshopping in #7 and #22… real believable.

  22. OMGOMGOMG says:

    This post contains just enough nightmare fuel to get me through every night for the rest of my life. Thanks, Holy Taco!