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25 Man Babies

For more creepy man babies, go to manbabies.com 


42 Responses to "25 Man Babies"

  1. DonkeyXote says:


    I don’t find them all that “hilarious”, you peepers must be smoking pretty wacky stuff.

  2. Randall Immaculate says:

    maybe donkeyxote should suck it and assburgers should stfu

  3. whatever says:

    It’s so funny……………….thx for sharing……………..lol

  4. Mona says:

    was the last pic really necessary?

  5. Anonymous1 says:


  6. Anonymously says:

    Too soon. Too soon.

  7. carol h. says:

    This is BS. In fact the one picture with the guy holding the baby over a balcony looks like the one of Michael Jackson. The one where he did the same thing with his child.

    Trick photography can do anything. I don’t believe it.

  8. StJoseph says:

    Youre both absolutly right the poor child probably hasnt gotten over the rape yet.

  9. Merc says:


  10. Carol is an idiot says:

    you are a moron

  11. hahaha says:


  12. Anonymous today says:

    Pig men too.

  13. Nathan H says:

    Ha! my photo is #4 on the list of 25. Sweet… never knew it would make it onto Holy Taco. The original link is (http://manbabies.com/content/305) & I could use the votes! Thanks Holy Taco!

  14. office jerk says:

    @carol. these are REAL photographs!

  15. Awesomous says:

    Number 5 Looks Photoshopped

  16. Mom says:

    Great premise for a horror film. Some of the comments are weirder than the pictures.

  17. Justin Whtoe says:

    Holy Taco dude, thats just tooo funny


  18. A nony mouse says:

    is it weird that i find these pictures sorta cute??
    yes, i think it is.

    *leaves to go shoot myself in the head*

  19. assburgers desease says:

    Can you tell by the pixels?

  20. Anonymous2468 says:

    Yes, it was.

  21. Anonymous2468 says:

    These are all anomalies of nature. just because you’ve never seen a man-baby, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    The government has been hiding man-babies since the 50s!

  22. Anonymouss says:

    that is so horribly wrong

  23. Carly Simko says:


  24. Anonymous3980483-8 says:

    what ball shit what the fuck is this shit
    for fuck sake

    Whoooaa lets get this shit started Ohhhhh Lets get it started everybody lets get it fucking started in here!!!

  25. Anonymous3980483-8 says:

    ¤Gêñétï©Råßßït¤ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¾Ã‚¢ Says:

    “i think whoever produced these should be commended and creddited for their good work. R.I.P M.J” < W.T.F

  26. Jesus Condom says:

    15 looks like Jim Norton holding a cast member of Little People, Big World.

  27. willybilly says:

    why is this so funny el em ae ho

  28. narleynutz4sho says:

    I feel sorry for the bearded ones. It will get rough when they get to preschool & kindergarden. Nair might help. If your toddler shaves once a day it could be a hormonal problem. Also, Dr. Phil says that prenatal contact with a Billy goat can cause unusual complications.

  29. ¤Gêñétï©Råßßït¤™ says:

    i think that its funny that people can joke about M.J he was innocent… ok he had problems but who doesn’t right???? the other pics are sooo funny and i think whoever produced these should be commended and creddited for their good work. R.I.P M.J

  30. http://cursesandblast.blogspot.com/ says:

    Yes! This is what Benjamin Button should have looked like!

  31. Misty says:

    Half baby, half man, half manbearpig!!!

  32. Bosco says:

    One of those babies looked like ManBearPig.

  33. Not First says:

    Wait… Shit

  34. Nikita Kondraskov says:

    How is that even possible.

  35. Pewpchunk says:

    Breastfeeding edition = http://bit.ly/1ywHUU

  36. SUCKMYCOK says:

    LOOOLthat was funny

  37. yur mom says:

    should done one with 3 men and a baby. Still hilarious!

  38. anoymnouse says:


  39. Luke says:

    These are great. What weird looking offspring and fathers.

  40. Major Payne says:

    This post was a lifetime’s supply of nightmare fuel.

    Thanks, Holy Taco!

  41. pratik says:

    Epic Michael Jackson win.

  42. loler says:

    roflmao now thts funny!