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25 Mascots Being Awesome

It’s surprising that the people who dress up in these mascot suits don’t go nuts more often. They’re stuck in a suit that smells like b.o. and urine for hours at a time and if they take their heads off to get a break from the hundreds of children they deal with each day, they get fired.


21 Responses to "25 Mascots Being Awesome"

  1. Anonymous99 says:

    Anonymoussss that is

  2. jewish guy says:

    listen up anonymousss fag, you are a mother fucker, the palestinians are sand niggers, nothing more, and your president is a half nigger, nothing more

    long live israel

  3. jewish guy says:

    you assholes need to get your priority straight, you should all be concentrating on getting rid of the sand niggers in your country, they call themselves arabs and they smell funny and look kinda yellowish brown

    i know this is a comedy site but it is also infested with liberals so you need to know about the scumbag arabs

  4. jewish guy says:

    donald duck kicking the shit out of the chinese kid was priceless

    fucking chinese, producing children like they were some kind of cheap plastic toy at walmart

  5. barry says:

    your all morons no one cares what your religion is all we care is that you won’t shut the hell up. the pics are totally funny which is why this is here. Dumbasses

  6. Stephanie says:

    holy shit.my mom takes my little sisters to that chuck e cheese place.THE EXACT CHUCK E.CHEESE.well i guess not when i show her that photo.

  7. Taylor says:

    i guess you are right we are concentrating on the wrong issues, i wonder if there is some place we can go to improve our concentration. I’m thinking a seminar, or better yet a camp. Summer may have ended but its not to late to sign up for concentration camp!

  8. Anonymous!!!! says:

    Fuck Israel!!!! U stupid Bitch!!!

  9. jewish guy says:

    listen up american idiots, mascots are fags, so please stop worshipping false idols

  10. Anonymoussss says:

    Karma will crush you because you are doing to the Palestinians who the Nazis did to the Jews.
    Intifada on your Mada. A Jihad upon your god.

  11. Anonymous99 says:

    Go fuck yourself you sorry piece of crap. You aren’t worth the air you breathe.

  12. poopants says:

    first we eat and then we buuuurrrrnnn

  13. BrutalDeluxe says:

    Ya think, fuckface?

  14. the cynical gentleman says:

    that Oreo, looks like it has a boner

  15. hello says:

    kc wolf is the best mascot ever!

  16. office jerk says:

    weak finish

  17. sfvgeg says:

    Go Big Blue
    Thats How We Do It At ODU!!!!!!!!

    Go Monarchs

  18. weetnight says:

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  19. s3xt0y says:

    lol barney looks like hes enjoying that, the face on the costume looks perfect haha

  20. Anonymous says:

    What is Barney a mascot for again?

    (oh wait – retarded 9-year-old name-changing girls sometimes known as Philosopher.)

  21. Jman says: