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25 Meat Sculptures

meat bicycle
Do you know what’s more awesome than sculpting things out of meat?  All kinds of stuff.  probably most things, in fact.  Still, doesn’t mean you can’t sculpt out of meat.  Here’s proof.

 meat cat
meat car
meat enterprise
meat chair
meat kangaroo
meat stuff
meat iron
 meat crest
meat canoe
meat head
meat dryer
meat glasses
meat hat
meat wise men
meat pig
meat car
meat guns
meat toilet
meat tomatoes
meat ipod
meat artillery
meat landscape
meat corpse
bacon kevin bacon

7 Responses to "25 Meat Sculptures"

  1. eclipsedfloyd89 says:

    Where is lady gaga!

  2. Exactly what I was thinking.

  3. Dangerous Man Uno says:

    Dangerous Man Uno;s favorite food is meat covered in meat, dipped in meat, all wrapped in meat.

  4. JO Dean says:

    Wow that is truly amazing dude. Good stuff man.


  5. Orifice Jerq says:

    is that kevin bacon? (lol bacon)

  6. ross22 says:

    I do believe it is Conan O’Brien