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25 More Obnoxious Foods Than a Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe

The San Diego Fatty Fat Fat Festival kicked off last week with the introduction of a new manner of gut-obliterating fried food – the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe.  See, fairs like to keep introducing newer and grosser foods in an ever increasing gamble to see if they can make normal folks grosser than carny folk.  So far it is paying off in spades. Here are 25 other treats that could be just as disgusting.  Carnies, if you try any of these, you owe me.

  1. Deep fried lard in a waffle cone
  2. Macaroni and cheese encrusted hambone
  3. Deep fried sausage stuffed in a jalapeno stuffed in a sausage
  4. Milkshakes made with butter instead of milk
  5. Fried, chocolate covered bacon pancake batter balls
  6. Pork chop stuffed ham, trout and bacon sausage
  7. The Cheesegasm: cheddar wrapped in swiss wrapped in mozzarella wrapped in brie wrapped in pepper jack wrapped in gouda wrapped in Velveeta, breaded and fried
  8. Spam
  9. Nutella-filled pork loin on a Snickers
  10. An entire deep-fried watermelon
  11. Pulled Pork served in a hollowed out key lime pie
  12. Butter suppositories
  13. Marshmallow and bacon stuffed Hot Pockets
  14. Hot Pocket and bacon stuffed marshmallows
  15. Fat-dripping shame
  16. A pig
  17. Deep fried, bacon-wrapped turducken
  18. Beef suet in a bag made of cheese
  19. Fat trimmed off of a steak in a cup with nacho cheese
  20. Cheese flavored jello with jellied pork cubes inside
  21. A handful of bacon fat with sprinkles
  22. Amanda Bynes covered in Nutella and protein supplements
  23. An oak barrel filled with fermented Faygo pop and circus peanuts
  24. Twinkie quesadilla
  25. Sour cream and gravy shakes

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