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25 Most Embarrassing Facebook Comments

Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with old friends and people who you normally would never be able to stay in touch with. Unfortunately for some, its incredibly public forum makes it a hot-bed for embarrassing comments. Many of these gems came from a great blog called myparentsjoinedfacebook . We highly recommend it.


41 Responses to "25 Most Embarrassing Facebook Comments"

  1. WTF?....It doesn't matter!! says:

    Having difficulty reading? Hold CNTRL key and scroll up on your mouse! makes it easier. And this thread is …..you fill in the blank!

  2. www.timbrewer.biz says:

    Oh fuck. I went to college with #1. I recognized that dumb ass facebook status right away.

  3. TrillVille7000 says:

    You can’t even read half of them!

  4. ASPROFIDOS says:


    VAMOS ARIS puta paok

  5. pureawesome says:

    Can someone tell me what the dude who is PUREAWESOME was trying to spell? PUREAWESOME actually could be a name, not a good one, but a name.

  6. noahaction says:

    haha. Agreed. The 25 most dangerous squirrels post shall be the benchmark to measure all future shitty HT topics.

  7. rappold says:

    in FF -> Right Click on image -> Middle Click View Image

  8. Mr. Jones says:

    I like how Tracy informed everybody about getting laid that is way to funny. Man people like her make facebook fun…lol
    btw I also see Tracy has just put the letter T for her middle name now guess she got a little embarrassed….don’t worry Tracy I wont tell anyone it’s Tracy T Brooks…..

  9. guest says:

    you are seriously retarded.

  10. You Dicks says:

    Fuck facebook in Da Face!

  11. lilly says:

    Guys, I found it yesterday : создание сайтов петрозаводск http://spidesk.ru

  12. MAYROXAROS says:



  13. derrick lee says:

    Calandra Russell who goes to pine bluff high school has big crush on derrick lee she calls him her sweety boy they went on a date to a restaurant named garfield’s they were there for 2 hours that night and calandra kissed derrick for 10 mintues that night to he gived her 20 roses and she gived him a 10 mintue kiss they ate and had a great time when he took her home she said that she had a great time and kissed derrick on the lips derrick called a evil alien for get her if she did not become derrick lee girlfriend and anyone else how tryed to steal calandra russell for derrick lee to the evil alien name was zortor and he said if anyone trys to steal calandra russell away derrick lee I will come and blast them he also told derrick to just call him he will be there so calandra russell is in love with derrick lee and they are in the smae grade they goals to pine bluff high school they have the same lunch time and they ride the same bus so if you go to pine bluff high school and you know a girl by the name if calandra russell ask her if she has a crush on derrick lee because she do they are dating and will be marriage in the future with kids calandra russell also said that she will wirte a sign at school that saids calaandra russell loves derrick lee al of this is no joke or lie it is the truth if you read this please call 536-5736 right now.

  14. dan says:

    awesome find!

    I found this great series of pictures of a prom trip being busted by the police for alcohol. cell phone cameras caught it all.. Lovely dresses, too bad everything had to be poured out. Embarrassing forever! http://tinyurl.com/fbfunny

  15. Luke says:

    Lol awesome collection there. I think ill add a link to this page from our Facebook Directory i don’t want to spam but btw feel free to aff your fanpages on there also if you want.

  16. 4ChanSux says:

    Many of these were hacked by 4Chan. TracyT and the one below are it prime examples.

  17. dan says:

    half of these were shit anyway. by the the lamest post in holytaco history

  18. hehrhthyhu says:

    learn to zoom if you can’t read fuckers

  19. Mudbutt says:

    LOL, not even close — scroll down till you find the 25 most dangerous squirrels.

    I expected a lot of the Facebook comments to be just fucking stupid — hello, it’s Facebook. But what the FUCK was up with the 0.000000000001-point font?

  20. mystery man says:

    it would suck if u talked to someone dirty and it turned out to be there parents id be mad as Heck

  21. trimao says:

    the one that says ÖJ is vote for me on NBA.com¨… THEY ARE ALL WHITE. ¨Them boys¨, ¨Mane¨, ¨mos def¨,¨n·gga¨… wow

    Like those white skinny kids that walk around in AirForceOnes going : AYE FOO! AYE THATS TIGHT!

  22. Yea boiii says:

    yea i didnt understand like half of them, but some of them are funny like the broad who didnt know how to delete the comment

  23. Rick says:

    I can’t read half of these.

  24. Facebooker says:

    The second from the bottom is epic!!! ” or you just wanna be a dumb cvnt” I ROFL’d so hard i peed a little…

  25. BAMF says:

    That’s one dumb as shit. The guy wrote it and didn’t hit the comment button to actually send it to her bc he’s a pussy. He probably just wrote it, took a picture to make himself look like a badass, then closed the window without sending it bc he’s a fag.

  26. hello says:

    Yeah the second last is the worst one. Pussy was trying to act hard typing out a message he was too scared to send. Probably the schools resident 4chan faggot pretending to comment on a popular’s status, so he could show it to his fellow 4 chan faggots for lulz and epic winz, but not even having the pure brass bollocks to actually publish it.

  27. clubf00t says:

    i thinks weirdest thing ever is 40 year old parents who have facebook acnts. that shit is creepy

  28. Eli says:

    RE: Tracy getting Laid

    Jeff says; Nice

    holy fuck i cant stop laughing

  29. Mr Obvious says:

    Tracy “T~~~~~~” is engaged in her status. But she just went out on a date and got laid.

  30. Smokey says:

    that site looks good

  31. lame says:

    A few of these are from the 4chan raid

  32. burrrrrrrns says:

    So what did Sonia do to Jake?

  33. Claynoidial says:

    at least make them all readable for fuck sakes

  34. odd says:

    i think they took some of these from lamebook, the myparentsjoinedfacebook one doesnt update enough

  35. Steve says:

    How do we get ahold of the horny old broad who like being “mounted” by strong studs like me!!!!!

  36. Jimmy James says:

    I have a headache after trying to read that tiny little font.

  37. Brooklyn98 says:

    Zoom in using Ctrl and the numberpad’s + key.

  38. noname says:

    same here