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25 Mutant Cars

Finally! Someone figured out how to combine the pricetag of a Lambo with the crappiness of a Pinto.


29 Responses to "25 Mutant Cars"

  1. Will Andrews says:

    Nice one!! but they really run?? I wanna testdrive.

  2. toby2tongues says:

    a large portion of these cars are from the Houston Art Car parade…google it. for 2-3 when you drive around houston, there are cars like this every where…there is even a mueseum…well worth the visit.

  3. Pedobear says:

    yeah there aren’t some blatantly obvious (and equally fuckin dumb) chops in here. bury this shit!

  4. that_chicken_car says:

    that pic of the chicken car, totally shopped looks stupid

  5. poopmcoop says:

    i am really atracted to the woman on the last and pretty much wanna put my d**k in her elbow roll

  6. Skittles!!! says:

    The Turtle Van is awesome! I also like the kitty car!

  7. cook4 says:

    my 4yr old son says “turtle fan rocks”

  8. RedGin says:

    no 4 is actually from indonesia

  9. EL FRANCO says:

    That last one is one FUGLY LOOKING HOOD ORNAMENT

  10. Jim Deeno says:

    Wow, incredible! The one at the end, with the fat chick on the hood almost made me barf up my breakfast, thanks.


  11. Daniel says:

    Alot cheaper than lowering your car.. just get a fat bitch to sit on the hood.

  12. DonkeyXote says:

    That’s me on the last pic, in case you didn’t know!

  13. Bob says:

    Dude there comes a time when big is too big and when the bitch bottoms out your front end that is a tell tale sign.

  14. not gay says:


  15. Fart Hot says:

    Let me ride! = http://bit.ly/z81OR

  16. not gay says:

    jk i really am gay

  17. Gay says:

    I’ll second that…..

  18. Faggoat says:

    me too!

  19. I <3 penis says:

    Why do people think im gay?

  20. trannie says:


  21. sick bastard says:

    you gotta love Burning Man

  22. yur mom says:

    Looking at these pics makes me feel like i am coming down from a mushroom high.

  23. DonkeyXote says:

    Hey, that cat-mobile is from my city!!! Except it is no longer pink but brownish and yellowy.

    Ha! what are the odds of that!


  24. adj says:

    that damn roast chicken made me hungry and pissed off that its not real

  25. ImRetarded says:

    yeah i think the fat lady made me hungry.

  26. Just an Idea says:

    Personally don’t care if Tigger Woods ever plays golf again…didn’t really care when he was playing and winning. I do think it’s a fucking shame that he doesn’t want that kick-ass wife of his…bet we could recruit 5-6 of HT’s unemployeed bloggers that would scroung-up the round trip air fare to pull a train on Elan…Justin could be our travel agent.

  27. Tiger Woods says:

    dude, my wife is a stupid mean bitch.

  28. xXGRIMMJOWXx says:

    @tiger woods i dont care if she’s mean or stupid i will pile-drive her and pound her til i FUCKING CUM!!!!