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25 Naughty Mrs. Claus Pictures

You’re definitely going to want to be on their naughty list.


27 Responses to "25 Naughty Mrs. Claus Pictures"

  1. fuzzy nuts says:


  2. emerson biguns says:

    ho ho hoes

  3. Olala says:

    You Betty Biceps ButterFace?

  4. Mr. Curious says:

    Anyone know the girl in the 1st pics name?

  5. Kodos says:

    Is that Ursula Mayes?


  6. jewish guy says:

    Merry fuckmass everybody

  7. NattyTheNaturalKilla says:

    Yes Sir…..

  8. Santa is tired with all these bad girls on his route.

  9. Tiger Woods says:

    I did 1-24. I have a problem.

  10. Anonymouss says:

    lol @ butterface

  11. jimbo says:


  12. d'z nuts says:

    first on the first

  13. Boknaai says:

    First on the first on the first.

  14. altdetgoe says:


  15. bum says:


  16. xavier says:

    # 13… FAIL

  17. siiiiick says:

    agreed. bitch is beat

  18. DAMN REALLY?!?!?! says:

    yeah dude that bitch is fuckin hit. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO US!!!!!

  19. Hashbrown says:

    Yeah seriously, was that a joke? That’s one fucking hideous creature.

  20. tlester4130 says:

    so whats worse, 13 or 24? its a tough call

  21. critter says:

    i want the elf girl.

  22. sex-pun guy says:

    they can lick my candy cane any time

  23. BIG E says:

    Did you see the one with the Glory holes? Gives new meaning to the “Glory of Christmas”.

  24. Your Mother Was Easy says:

    Why does #22 have her squirrel-hole tied shut?

  25. dr dre says:

    #1 looks like she has fuzzy white testicles

  26. daym says:

    # 20 please.

    PRETTY please.