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25 Naughty Nurses

Yes, you may stick that thermometer wherever you’d like.


52 Responses to "25 Naughty Nurses"

  1. Pate says:

    me too…

  2. CrownedTerrot says:

    That’s all you got for the last 2 pics?
    EPIC FAIL!!!

  3. hankthetank says:

    One girl likes to drink from the piss cup

  4. Johnny Firecloud says:

    I love this site more than my own children, but this piece is total shite. Grainy pics, only three or four of which are naughty in a good (sexy) way. Come on, Taco loco! I know you can do better than that.

  5. Dr says:

    #9 must not know that’s a urine receptacle.

  6. too much free time says:

    some of them, need to button up their shirt

  7. Fez says:

    #11 – the chick on the right looks like Bobby Lee.

    C’mon, Holy Taco! Half of these pics never should have made their way to this website. Shame on you guys.

  8. asdasdasd says:



  9. Hugh Jorgan says:

    WHAT THE FUCK!? There were only 6 hot ones, the rest looked like homeless crack ho’s

  10. Slightly Creeped Out says:

    #14 looks like she’s 12 from the neck up


  11. Hugh Jorgan's mother says:

    That 2nd to last girl looks like the one you brought home for Thanksgiving last year son. What is your girlfriend doing on a nasty site like Holy Taco?

  12. Mammogram machine says:

    Is #21 really trying to find her heartbeat on her titty???

  13. too much free time says:

    you just can’t stop pretending to be me, can you?

  14. sex-pun guy says:

    they can suck on my thermometer any time

  15. Anonymoose says:

    dont lie u would still hit it…i know i would

  16. s3xt0y says:

    most of em are ugly

  17. Anonymous... says:

    No no not “Naughty Nurses” just plain NASTY nurses.

  18. Mr. Pointing Out The Obvious says:

    What’s supposed to be sexy about the second pic? There’s a point where a chick that shows way too much Asian ethnicity and one who was hit hard in the face with a shovel as a child become indistiguishable, and this one is it.

  19. parrish de says:

    quit responding to your own stupid fucking posts, asswipe.

  20. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Your dick is the same width as a thermometer? Hmmm.

  21. too much free time says:

    stop confusing people, i’m getting tired, of changing my name

  22. R lee Eremy says:

    Why are hot chick’s rooms always a dumpster? anyway this sucked HT. your not funny anymore.

  23. Hugh Jorgan says:

    You’re right mom, sorry

  24. geoman2k says:

    correct me if i’m wrong, but the bottle the girl in #9 is holding to her mouth is for peeing in when you can’t get out of a hospital bed to use the bathroom. methinks some cruel friend played a joke on her

  25. Anonymousssssss says:

    Why are like 1/3 of these entries not legal?

  26. GrigoryDrozd says:

    Several of these girls have junebug faces.

  27. Mike McL says:

    These nurses prove why our healthcare system is failing.

  28. Shut the fuck up philosopher says:

    How many of these girls are college freshman?

  29. dj says:

    Most these girls should have went as Casper the friendly ghost.

  30. dj says:

    That’s what i was thinking. Ha!

  31. Sinislaw says:

    pretty sure the last one was the nurse assigned to my most recent rectal exam.

  32. MrKillson says:

    Who’s #23? Me like asian.

  33. GeeWiz says:

    Well gee golly, now I know why my mom was always on my ass about keepin my room clean. If I hadn’t changed my ways, this would have been my fate!!! Ugh! Yikes:)

  34. Sick says:


  35. Marionette says:

    I’ll clean up my room when you go make me a f’ing sammich.

    Yeah, the dirty room thing is kinda awkward when someone is trying to be sexy. You’ll either notice them or the shit on the floor.

  36. Disgusted says:

    Its it me or every slut posting internet pictures has a dirty ass room. I mean seriously. Any and all pictures post of women in their bedrooms are all full of clothes and garbage everywere.


  37. Puff says:

    Get off the computer Mom and get back in the kitchen.

  38. Katie Bianco says:


  39. Haywood Jablowmi says:


  40. Or says:


  41. I love acid!!!!!!!! says:

    It’s not really fair to the common skanks when you throw a picture of Denise Milani in there.

  42. Mike McL says:

    Yeah but alot of those girls were pretty banged up regardless of whether you compare them to models or not!

  43. daym says:

    Helloooooo Nurse.

  44. Marty says:

    nifty animaniacs reference.

  45. Holy Taco's DAD says:

    Except for Denise Milani, that was a steaming pile of FAIL. I HAVE NO SON!!!

  46. Boners says:

    I have a syringe full of serum for these bitches. That dog too.

  47. Anonymousblah says:

    Who is number one? I could use that info for later…..

    And who’s the hot last one?

  48. randeee says:

    23 and 16 awesome

  49. Mister C says:

    I Love to be with all then nurses

  50. Tom Lobello says:

    I wish one of these naughty nurses would rub my dick while I lay helpless in a hospital bed.

  51. That's not my name! says:

    Image 16 is the best