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25 Nicolas Cages

Have you ever wished that Nic Cage was everyone, all the time? Well, the guys here have. For more, click here or here or here.


27 Responses to "25 Nicolas Cages"

  1. Fucktard says:

    oh yea because the rest of this site is 100% original material

  2. Umhm says:

    Its funny but so random, after looking at them all Im still so confused why they did this although it is funny.

  3. Mischeif says:

    Lol is this the Next Chuck Norris thing?, pretty funny tho.

  4. Stick says:

    His best movie was Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

  5. etert says:

    that jon and kate one is awful

  6. Ahab says:

    The one Sully Sullenberger was fucking hilarious.

  7. llookokon says:

    i hate him

  8. Elaine says:

    Wicked Witch is definately Dustin Hoffman, not Nicolas Cage.

  9. zalex says:

    are you nuts? the dexter one is hilarious =)

  10. I fapped it... says:

    …to Nick Cage with big boobs. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

  11. Alex Trebek, from the future says:

    As we would later find out, he was fapping to this gallery because “DonkeyXote” a.k.a “philosopher” loves to masturbate furiously to Nicolas Cage pictures.

  12. Muzak says:

    Andre is still my fav…

  13. DonkeyXote says:


  14. Dustin Diamond says:

    I lived in a basement in West Allis,WI for 3 months in 2001. No one knows about this because I am just a big loser.

  15. WouldDoDaria says:

    Then… First! Losers

  16. BIG E says:

    Wow, you guys really did a great job on this. Must have taken a lot of time to rip them off of nickcageaseveryone.com.

  17. chunk says:

    Jon & Cage + Eight

  18. mcfat says:


  19. ur BFF says:

    bahahahah HILARIOUS

  20. lè teo says:

    actually, they are 26…

  21. Ninjay says:

    The one that made me lol was Home Alone

  22. durka says:

    some of these are pretty good

  23. pratik says:

    The wrestler one is still the best.

  24. Nick Cage says:

    That Home Alone picture is fake you bastards…
    You know damn well I’m broke and can’t afford a home to be alone at anymore…

    Fucking retards !

  25. s3xt0y says:

    nicolas cage is amazing

  26. Anonymousy says:

    ly gay

  27. Al-P says:

    pretty sure the andre the giant one isnt shopped, CAGE IS ANDRE THE GIANT