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25 Odd Pieces of Banana Art

banana carvings

Banana art become very popular int he last week thanks to those carvings right up there, but apparently people have been making artsy bananas for like…3 years.  Who knew?  Special thanks to Artbananas, Riss and this crazy foreign site that I can’t read.  You guys are the cat’s pajamas.

banana massacre

banana dogbanana face

banana dude

hung banana

pirate banana

ugly banana face

banana carvings

banana couple

singing bananas

banana picture

squid banana

dr who banana

banana money

pinted bananas

banana picture

banana ninja

banana drawing

banana monkeys

banana paint

banana pattern

banana portriat

banana sculptures

banana with a chainsaw

6 Responses to "25 Odd Pieces of Banana Art"

  1. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    not a single one shaped like a dick… i am disappointed

  2. TellaTruth says:

    that was an awsome list!
    not a single one shaped like a dick… i am proud

  3. Doctor Who says:

    The Doctor Who ones were cool!

  4. bad acid trip says:

    ah, sweet free time

  5. Jim says:

    Didn’t yall do a column on this like a few months ago?