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25 Odd Ways to Wear Duct Tape

Further proof that duct tape was the greatest invention of our time.


19 Responses to "25 Odd Ways to Wear Duct Tape"

  1. bigLebowski says:

    search duct tape bandit on youtube for a video of the last guy. he tried to rob a liquor store and got the shit beat out of em

  2. DonkeyXote says:

    That dude on the last pic was actually sucking up a freshly used tampon.

  3. Douche BAGS says:

    is that a dude passed out in a bush like 4 or 5 up…too much crack

  4. Acai Trials says:

    Hot chicks in duct tape are cool.

  5. sweetfly says:

    holy taco pretty much sucks now

  6. ThoughtSausage says:

    You spelled ewe wrong.
    Goddamn animals…

  7. R lee eremy says:

    hey, its the ugly chick from reno 911 in that 3rd pic. OORAH

  8. Fill your brainxs says:


  9. DaveLovesBacon says:

    You spelled third wrong

  10. Holy Taco Admin says:

    You got pwnd, fucker!

  11. fucker says:

    she sealed the backdoor, good thing I am a cocksmith.

  12. fucker says:

    last pic gone, FUHT. Show nudies sometimes, u faggots.

  13. justin says:
    Turn off the family filter on your mom’s computer and go to a porn site, n00b.
  14. losers says:


  15. DaPetesta says:

    the last pic is the duct tape robber Mr.lamester mcfuckerton

  16. pratik says:

    Where’s the duct tape robber? That should’ve been the last pic.

  17. Vonshine says:

    Shut up punk.

  18. fucker says:

    ok, I will, but why did you take the picture out?

  19. Stick says:

    I just want to be around when they have to rip all the tape off.