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25 of the Scuzziest Dreadlocks You’ll Ever See

ginger dreads

Dreadlocks aren’t for everyone, but love them or hate them we can all agree they shouldn’t look like you’ve been flossing your own ass with them.

dreads girl

big dread

dreadlock mass

blonde dreads

dread chunks


dopey guy

dread girl

dread blonde

dread couple

dreadlocks blonde

bum wiht dreads

scummy dreads

white dreads

girl dreads

some american idol kid


dirty guy

bad dreads

red dread redemption

creepy dude

counting crows

spider dreads

battlefield earth

6 Responses to "25 of the Scuzziest Dreadlocks You’ll Ever See"

  1. morterforker says:

    nadda one rasta mon now?

  2. DonkeyXote says:

    Now imagine what all that hair smells like… yummmmmiee

  3. Telegram Sam says:

    Some of those are incredibly well kept. And then there are the nasty assed hippies…

  4. Billy-Bob says:

    19. is a swedish rapper called Promoe. Vids: Promoe – Svennebanan