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25 Old People Being Awesome

These oldies are proving they are more than just a source for hard candy and a drain on our social security.


28 Responses to "25 Old People Being Awesome"

  1. Anonymous una mas says:

    La vida es preciosa si sevive con alegria y buen humor

  2. Anonymous youssf sefrewe says:

    yo kero de presentar

  3. Anonymous youssf sefrewe says:


  4. Just me says:

    I counted 30 old people being awesome

  5. mortis says:

    Megadeth ftw!

  6. hazmat says:


  7. hazmat says:

    oh fuck yeah! suck my dickhead assholes!

  8. MOM says:

    wow your cool dude

  9. Happy Birthday-Oh wait...I mean-Death From Above says:

    I think you mean “You’re” cool. You’re cool for poor grammar. Fag.

  10. Squid says:

    weak sauce.

  11. Mineman says:

    Dude ur a fucking nerd who cares bout gramma or spelling deal wiv it

  12. hazmat says:

    polar bear club FTW!

  13. Jean Woods says:

    Wow, Amazing! Old people ROCK!


  14. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    I like it when old people piss themselves and I have to shower them and wipe their peepee clean.

  15. Phil Jones says:

    Peepee? DonkeyXote, I’m going to assume that that’s you. So since you seem to already be done with your mexican bible study, why don’t get down on your knees and clean my ballsack with your tongue you gimpy little bitch!

  16. Other says:

    go betty white!

  17. Mister Mister says:

    Seconded. White FTW.

  18. Hobocop says:

    That’s not a very good Megadeth album. Poser.

  19. Anonymoussss says:


  20. nitrotech says:

    the 4th from the bottom looks alot like steve buscemi

  21. Walter says:


  22. KnuckleDragger says:

    You’re out of your element Donnie.

  23. TheDude says:


  24. Jar says:

    “Saying you don’t like Betty White is like saying you support Al Queda.”

  25. bonzoello says:

    Betty White needs to get fucked with an IED in the name of Allah

  26. DonkeyToker says:

    Nice… I’ve seen something similar AGES ago… http://thecheesegrater.co.uk/old-people-a-gallery/ maybe you need to get with the times HT?