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25 of Pastor Terry Jones’ Other Brilliant Ideas

terry jones
It’s September 11th and that means Terry Jones, the jackass pastor from a backwater church in Florida, is primed and ready to burn some Muslim holy books today.  Or maybe not.  Or maybe he is.  We won’t know until it either does or doesn’t happen.  But we do know he’s a dumbass, as shown by some of his other antics.

terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones
terry jones

43 Responses to "25 of Pastor Terry Jones’ Other Brilliant Ideas"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    Dear fucking Muslims,

    It is actually quite humble and noble for the USA to erect a mosque in ground zero (with a pool), but can we expect the same in return… say builing a church around the Mecca?

  2. Colleen says:

    Organized religion will be the downfall of our society.

  3. DonkeyXote says:

    Why do Muslims generalize the actions of ONE crazy-ass fucking individual as the norm in the West? CUNTS!

  4. DonkeyXote is the new Philosopher says:

    I use pages of all sorts of holy books to light my cigars.

  5. #26: using photoshop for a holy taco post.

  6. GORDON says:


  7. Dr POoPenHEiNZ says:

    hahaha kudos to the pic of the pony getting a hand job

  8. Lotydrummer says:

    The one with the cheese burger is clearly fake, but the rest are legit. Good work

  9. Ian Fortey says:
    The pastor loves Olde English.  He loves it like he loves hate.
  10. John Henderson says:

    Please can someone tell me where i can find the original picture of the fat redheaded woman sitting on that skinny Indian guy’s knee ? Please tell me where , how or just send it to me.

  11. Ian Fortey says:
    It’s creepy that you want to know, so we can’t tell you.
  12. Ian Fortey says:
    The Quran isn’t intolerance, it’s a fucking book.  He deserves ridicule for being a low rent jackass who pulled a dumbass ignorant stunt and for being too stupid to even manage the fundamentals of a press conference without making himself look like he just fell off the inbred apple cart.
  13. Ian Fortey says:
    You’re kind of missing the point, Rich.  We’re not attacking Christians and defending Muslims, we’re attacking an asshole in defence of non-assholes.  Both are non-denoiminational.
  14. ... says:

    that’s pretty accurate

  15. skippy mcphiff says:

    he deserves ridicule for being intolerant of intolerance ?

    some principles

  16. rich3000 says:

    As long as you mix it up a but and use all religious books its politically correct and fine with the masses. :-) )

  17. rich3000 says:

    Christian groups aren’t perfect and I know that all religions are known for doing some really dumb shit

  18. rich3000 says:

    But creating very dangerous, murderous hate groups like Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Taliban isn’t one of those things

  19. rich3000 says:

    . I can’t think of a time where any Christian/Catholic walked into a building and yelled Religious statement and then killed 13 peopled and wounded even more “Fort Hood Shooting”

  20. rich3000 says:

    And then there is obviously 9/11, the underwear bomber and ass hole Ireland released that bombed a plane with mostly students from Syracuse, NY University that were killed.

  21. rich3000 says:

    The evil things go on and on and on in the Muslim world. Including the hanging of gays and the stoning of women! Whats your argument about all of those things?

  22. rich3000 says:

    The guys a kook, but give him the benefit of the doubt by admitting he isn’t terrorist or a killer.

  23. rich3000 says:

    Murder is the clearest form of hate and burning some stupid paper clearly is more of a protest and not hate.

  24. Ian Fortey says:
    I’m going to write a book about you and burn it.
  25. skippy mcphiff says:


  26. The 1 says:

    Wow, just wow… all you guys are just… wow.

  27. spike dawg says:

    Too funny. The guy should never show his ugly face again. He’s the laughing stock of the country. Talk about doooosh bags.

  28. DonkeyXote says:

    Err by-and-large Christians regard the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) as nutjobs whose actions are looked down upon by the general consensus, unlike Muslims who embrace a more thorough retaliation.

  29. skippy mcphiff says:

    it’s a “fucking book” that preaches intolerance

    so you’re being intolerant of the intolerance of the intolerant

    takes all kinds

  30. Grarik says:

    Actually, the KKK, Army of God, Lambs of Christ and Hutaree are examples of Christian terrorist organizations, according to the US government. There are just as many Christian terrorist groups as Islamic ones, the Christian organizations just aren’t as well organized.

  31. DonkeyXote says:

    Like the union of a 9-year old girl called Aysha with the prophet Mohamed back when he was in his 50′s coming up with the Quoran. Yup, that’s factual… although Muslims dislike the idea of caling Mohamed a paedo, even though was.

  32. Lance Bass says:

    KKK isn’t a christian organization at all.

  33. Zoo Jing says:

    LOL, that dude is about as dumb as the day is long isnt he? LOL


  34. Finnegan says:

    He certainly isn’t dumb !
    He’s very very nuts though !

  35. DonkeyXote says:

    Err wrong faggots. Muslims HAVE in fact burned bibles and churches (with people in it). Read a little on Sudan, you oversensitive hypocrites.

  36. rich3000 says:

    Well, as we can see that Muslims in Indonesia, Afghanistan Riot over Koran burning that hasn’t even happened it just proves how violent that religion is over little things. If Muslims burned the Bible it wouldn’t turn Christians in to rioters and murderers.

  37. Camille says:

    Do the Crusades ring any bells for you?

    Also, none of the Muslims are coming up with idiotic, incendiary plans to torch other religions’ holy books.

  38. Nate says:

    Oh, your exactly right. Because no Christian group has every done anything as outragous as say… Protest the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, with signs saying “Thank God for Dead Soldiers”… Oh, wait, they did! Christianity is just as fucked as any other religion out there. Get off your damn high horse, and back down in the shit where you belong.

  39. Jimbob says:

    Camille, fail.

    The crusades were a thousand years ago. Christians enmass, represented by a respected leader, today, do not threaten to remove the heads of infidels who draw pictures of Jesus or burn the Bible. You argument fails.

  40. Angus McFartsucker says:

    every religion is bullshit anyway. They would all be obsolete if people werent so fucking stupid

  41. Harry Balsagna says:

    smoke weed every day.

  42. rich3000 says:

    I had a great comment here labeled as “SPAM” and had nothing to do with spam whatsoever.