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25 People Arrested In Costume

No one is above the law. 


34 Responses to "25 People Arrested In Costume"

  1. snarfy says:

    Damn- Ronald got nabbed? It shoulda been the Hamburgler.

  2. Jessi Woods says:

    Holy Taco dude. Whats Ronald McDonald getting arrested for I wonder? Vandalizing Burger King maybe?? LOL


  3. Harry Balsagna says:

    nacho cheese

  4. mikes says:

    I think that was supposed to be Captain Haddock from Tintin in the one just before Spider-man. Haddock is one of Europe’s finest exports, a belligerant, foul-mouthed drunkard, just like my inner child.

  5. big dick says:

    pretty sure most of them are being arrested for being pedophiles

  6. Captain Kumquat says:

    Clowns should be arrested. All clowns.

  7. Sum ting wong says:

    who woulda known that smoking crack dressed as a clown would get you arrested


    Since the separation, looks like Kate Gosselin put on a few pounds and started taking her anger out on Disney characters. John probably fucked Snow White and Kate is about to beat-a-bitch

  9. Stick says:

    No wonder that clown got caught, she has her boots tied like an ass. Doc is saddened.

  10. WalrusPimpOfTheSea says:

    Well if you see cuffs on a white person you can bet 9 out of 10 that it’s for pedophilia.

  11. Chris at Themeaparty says:

    I agree with the arrest of the Borat guy. Bleech!

  12. Twattage Cheese says:

    They would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!!

  13. shAnonymous says:

    Well, walrus, that’s about as racist as saying 9/10 times, when you see cuffs on a black person it’s because of drugs.

  14. abril says:

    poeqe asalta n a mc :(

  15. kahurangi says:

    the guy arrested in the Ronald McDonald costume is now a member of Parliament in New Zealand.

    No shit

  16. Camiller says:

    How is the umbrella corporation guy not on this?


  17. Expert says:

    and raped viscously without questions. one time i saw a guy being force raped by a clown, sorry for the prejudice.

  18. twistedcortex says:

    that what Ronald McDonald gets for killing people with his burgers. Looks like those cops won’t be getting any presents from Santa anytime soon. That what Mickey Mouse gets for buying Marvel and Jim Henson studios. Peten Pan needs to keep away from those little boys. Dude in the green bathing suit outta be arrested for wearing that damn thing.

  19. motherfucker! says:

    i slept with your wife

  20. motherfucker! says:


  21. motherfucker! says:


  22. Expert Who Can Spell says:

    “viscously”? Don’t you mean “viciously”?

  23. miellelin says:

    In that country, costume play in the road is illigal?
    I’t sounds Nonsense.

  24. Anonymussy says:


    Pigs arresting a pig.

  25. That was the real Spiderman they arrested.

  26. motherfucker! says:

    shut your fucking mouth buddy! or Santa will give you a lump of coal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(|)

  27. Big Man says:


  28. Barn Door says:

    Stop looking at that Dog’s big ol’ dick, beasties.

  29. Dr FingerBang says:


  30. Cunder says:

    haha bigman try and deferred success.

  31. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:


  32. DonkeyXote says:

    Hahahahhahaha those last two are GOLD!

  33. Blah Blah Blah says:

    Road to hell is paved with good intentions…