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25 People With Bee Beards

Bee Beards: Slightly less dangerous than bee pubes. Just something to think about. 


30 Responses to "25 People With Bee Beards"

  1. Bosco says:

    I have one word for you Holy Taco…. Fucking Weak.

  2. Ticki says:

    I think it rocks! …..and those who continually complain, go get itself a hobby!

  3. clubf00t says:

    i dont mean to be a asshole but thats two words

  4. Bosco says:

    I meant to say FuckingWeak.

  5. Bosco says:

    You Asshole.

  6. No Rain says:

    I was expecting to see the Blind Melon girl at the end.

  7. god says:

    so thats where all the bees went

  8. Anonny says:

    yourself not itself.

  9. Fuck that Philosopher Guy says:

    I am an idiot. A BIIIG idiot

  10. Fuck that Philosopher Guy says:

    that looks stupid. But the guy with the BEE COOL shirt is ok.

  11. psychopath says:

    the bee beard: enemy of people with a nervous twitch

  12. George T says:

    Only Philosopher could make a comment that fucking stupid. Fuck a blender, Philosopher.

  13. Ducatis4 says:

    his name is psychopath wtf are you talking about

  14. vomito says:


  15. marlatt fiascos says:

    @Ducatis4: SHUT THE FUCK UP N00B

  16. Holly Weis says:


  17. Holly Weist says:


  18. Anonymous1 says:


  19. i smell like ass says:

    is that old dude naked? Why the hell would anyone do that if they’re naked?

  20. Takashi Akashi Takahashi says:

    Yeah, and you wonder why you cannot see those humongous balls of his.

  21. the dick who regularly visits websites just to complain says:

    i love you holy taco but you blatantly repeated two pictures….in fact one picture you just gave the guy a poorly drawn cowboy hat…i dont blame you i dont know how you found more than two pictures of bee beards in the first place…

  22. Anonymous29 says:

    I think they did that as a joke.

  23. The RZA says:

    Bees, man fuck dat. Big Baby Jesus once come up n da crib wearin nothin but a beard n dreads made out o nothin but da heads he had taken with his fatal flyin guillotine on da poor bastards that tried to roll up in Shaolin on the mistaken belief that they wanted to Bring Da Ruckus. One must always be aware dat the Wu-Tang Clan IS NOT something ta fuck with.

  24. clubf00t says:

    wow great story there G-phresh (see i can also spell words like a complete uneducated asshole) r u fuckin serious…really!?

  25. The RZA says:

    Of course I am serious, a person must always remember that the level of representin’ that one does is always in direct correlation to the amount of urban slang that one uses. In order for the Wu-Tang Clan to properly meet the expectations and high standard of enforcin’ that the good people of Shaolin expect, and I dare say deserve, we have made a solemn promise to always be as hard as the streets themselves. If you kind sir, would not like to be swiftly and viciously visited by the re-animated corpse of Ol’ Dirty Bastard in the near future, I would henceforth cease and desist all manner of inquisitions regarding the wording in which I choose.

    Sincerely from the 36 Chambers

    The RZA

  26. Anonny says:

    Why would the Wu-Tang clan even bother posting here? Sorry RZA but, I’mma gonna’ call B.S. here.

  27. The RZA says:

    I beg to differ Anonny it’s a little knwn fact that all 7672 members of the Wu-Tang Clan are all huge fans of Holy Taco.

  28. dangitbobby says:

    ok … this was … huh … bee beards? really? … huh … ok.

  29. Ben Jacques says:

    Wow, being covered in bees is definitely not on my to-do list.

    My Last Blog Post: Why I Took A Break From Blogging/Welcome Back http://ow.ly/yN8y

  30. jaychivo says:

    that’s unbelievable.