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25 People With Gross Nails

How the hell do they tweet?


90 Responses to "25 People With Gross Nails"

  1. GramyO says:

    These people can’t possibly be taking care of themselves or doing anything productive in society. I taped a bunch of 14″ willows to the ends of my fingers–just to see what it was like–and they were totally in the way ALL the time. I couldn’t do anything! What an accomplishment to brag about! Yuck!

  2. Grossed Out says:

    Can NEVER ever eat Fritos again…
    And, why the fuck did anyone go there with the Jewish thing? Totally unrelated, and who the hell said these freaks were Americans? and if they are, WHO gives a shit, America is all about DIVERSITY! WOOT, Good Bless America! :-D

  3. Neon says:

    i wonder how those people wipe, their butts

  4. Followthreaper says:

    this is totally unattractive. how can they live their lives with that?

  5. ob1 says:

    painful? what if she scratches you by mistake…?

  6. frighteningly acadia says:

    Anybody else wondering how they wipe? C’mon, I can’t be the only one …

  7. Doris says:

    i just threw up in my own mouth…. twice….

  8. Lola says:

    One of them (in the brown/pink dress) is wearing brass fingernails as part of a Thai dance costume. The “Fawn Lep” or Fingernail Dance usually consists of five pairs of dancers, each wearing six-inch-long brass fingernails. I suspect the “Dance of the Fritos” is in the offing.

  9. grossed out says:

    Those are what i refer to as “ghet toes”

  10. AnonymousNeil says:

    Really disgusting. I love it how you think you’re almost done and then the last photo is twice as foul as any of the others. Whoever owns those feet should just be shot, plain & simple.

    However, the sixth photo is fake, or more precisely they are ceremonial decorations, just little pointy hats for the fingers. Get rid of it, it’s not related to the topic at all.

  11. TD says:

    Lot of questions about how they wipe after doo-doo….I’m thinking a low speed belt sander…super soft belt, runs off a remote control, they gotta have thought this through, right?

  12. Not Anon says:

    Don’t these fucking people have jobs?

  13. Malcolm says:

    The chick in the blue sweater is hot…

    I wonder what it would feel like to get a handjob from her!

  14. Puns says:

    If Hungary got hungry. Could it eat Turkey fried in Greese?

  15. tlef says:

    juss becuz they have bad finger nails & toe nails doesnt mean we should juss automatically judge them & think they ruin society, every1 is different, yall are juss a bunch of fuckin haters for real. so wut, they have disgusting finger nails, lets juss nail them to a cross & crucify them, haters. let them live their lives how they want.

  16. thatoneskank says:

    GROSS! My brain needs cleaning now.

  17. 8080gogo says:

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  18. Tom says:

    How do these people wipe?

  19. Hungry says:

    Fuck America. You’re all retarded.

  20. Sickened says:

    lol did you swallow both times?

  21. yo fuckin mom says:

    i’m all for whatever it is you said, i think, but i’m even more for CORRECT GRAMMAR. and spelling. i think people should learn how to properly converse with each other before going on a world changing rant.

    but thats some pretty disgusting shit.

  22. Mina says:

    Not all of those people are American I’ve seen some of them before. One of those men was offered thousands of dollars for his nails but he wouldn’t sell.

  23. ShakeThatBear says:

    Oh, I have a really good question! How do these people wipe?

  24. Ruby says:

    Either each one of these ppl have a personal helper or they obviously DON’T wipe! I cannot imagine that each of them can afford or even find a virtual servant, so they must do nothing except sit around all day protecting their nails! What kind of life is this? Do they get disability? This really disturbs me! I would honestly like to know how they live and where they get money! Are we taxpayers paying for these freaks to sit at home and grow their nasty nails???

  25. Sandwhich says:

    This shit seriously disturbs me.

  26. Rick says:

    Why in the fuck??

  27. HOLY TACOS says:


  28. Mr. Peanut says:

    I’ll never be able to eat curly fries again.

  29. jewish guy says:

    lol, so these are the kind of freaks you have in america these days, serves you right, things were better when we jews had greater control in america, we jews gave you natalie portman who is a major hottie.

    but then you fags are sucking up to the sand niggers these days, lol, these pictures represent the future of america

  30. O_o says:

    ur mom sure did. swallow twice that is.

  31. O_o says:

    the same way it feels when ur mum does it. duh.

  32. The Entire World says:

    OK, OK, thank you for Natalie Portman. Now get back in my oven, Jew.

  33. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    They don’t wipe. They scrape and chisel.

  34. RAR says:

    I suck up to nobody ya Jew.

  35. RAR says:

    Fuck Hungry!

    Most of these people don’t live in America anyways.

  36. jewish guy is a dbag says:

    Dude your a major asshole, who in the fuck do u think u are? yeah this is strange and kinda gross but u have no room to say “fags” or “sand niggers” and if all that jews contributed was natalie portman…then well who fucking cares? Wow your a tool. Go count your change and put your frisbee on your head because your undoubtley going no where in life due to your closed-mindedness.

    P.S. Oh yeah Jew asshole…. I’d rather have these people reprezent America than you asshole. I hope one of these people terrorizes your asshole with their fingernails

  37. Jewish guy is a douche says:

    enough said butt nugget. Go jump off a cliff or something or better yet, move out of your parents basement.

  38. Asshole says:

    “Hungry” is an adjective, douchebag. “Hungary” would mean the country. Yeah… you tell me that all those people live in America? Are we looking at the same photos? Some of these folks look like their doing the third-world country thang. Whatever.

  39. Asshole says:

    Oops. I meant “they’re”. Go spelling.

  40. lillith says:

    How do those people wipe??

  41. total dumbfuck who can't read says:

    hey, i have a question nobody has asked yet — how do these people with the long nails wipe their assholes when they’re through pooping?

  42. mng says:

    these images will hunt me forever….

  43. chhhhiizz says:

    The last one disgusts me. :L

  44. Phirst says:

    that is arguably the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life

  45. i.p. freeley says:

    wow these dumbasses must have no life

  46. Brittany0100 says:

    omg that is so nasty. i hate feet and the last one made me gag.

  47. OreosAreGood says:

    the third photo is very creepy and disturbing,i would cut them off, and the pic of the lady who was in the 1st pic with the man in a pic of the same lady in the 1st one, the lady in 1st one got hers all broke in a car wreck….. the man would have trouble eating soup… his are curly and get tangled alot i bet…. thats pretty wierd

  48. OreosAreGood says:

    I mean REALLY :O

  49. yeahbut says:

    could you even wipe your ass with nails like that? if so, how?

  50. ennnnggghhh says:

    About the butt wiping, they do the whole undercarriage swipe with a towel, towels big enough to grasp with both hands and with enough material one good swipe would take care of it.

  51. taylore says:

    sad thing is this dont gross me out lol

  52. watcher says:

    i left this site w/o saying something (’cause the watcher doesnt get involved) but i had 2 come back!!!!!
    WTF is wrong with these people??? when i was a kid i grew my pinky nail long (about a 1/4″ longer than time 4 a clipping) for snorting
    coke, but what reason, drug related or not, can these people have 4 doing this???? i mean, its not attractive, serves no pupose, probably smells, prob can catch hepatitus or some other disease from it, did i say no purpose & like every body agrees… how the hell do you wipe your ass, blow or pick your nose, masterbate, eat, shake hands, put on make-up, take off make-up, wash up, shower/bathe, the con list can go on forever, the pro list is empty!!!!
    if i seen someone like that in real everyday life, i would trip them to see what they protect most, their nails or the rest of their body!
    n e way… i gotta go now or i’ll never stop, heres your soap box back.

    (the watcher)

  53. ashey says:

    Shees people have some bad mouths on here but yeah.. Those pictures are gross!!!!!!!! lol somebody needs to get them to cut their finger nails

  54. Akiria says:


  55. Nancy says:

    It makes you wonder how these people go about their daily lives. I mean what do they do when they go to the bathroom…so messed up!!!

  56. Fleshsword Esq. says:

    Pic number 18. I wanna run some hotwheels down those puppies.

  57. mococat says:

    Yeah, that was my first thought. How the hell do they wipe their asses? Or for that matter, how do they do anything else? Like driving and using the remote? And what is the fucking point anyway? But to the asshole who wrote about “Niggers”, you are a disgusting creep. My best friend, who is white, is married to a black man and he is a great person. Shame on you!

  58. candi says:

    bla that stuff makes me sick what the fuck is wrong with these people. how do they freakin wipe??????? what does some1 do it 4 them. uh……. dont wanna know

  59. mococat says:

    But who’s the poor sucker that has to wash the poo-covered towels? Yeesh!!

  60. Dominique says:

    All i could say was OMG!! to every pic

  61. Lance says:

    I would like to get a footjob by the last one. So i can have scaly warts on my cock.

  62. Alyssa says:

    How the hell do they wipe their asses?!

  63. yellowcav says:

    Wouldnt have to do much to pick they’r boogers!!
    T.v. remote probably got shredded.!! Ding Dong!!

    My fritos truck is Here

  64. metallicanna says:

    I think the chix with the long toenails are trying to distract everyone from their cankles.

  65. srks3mpr says:

    jesus christ!

  66. Akiria says:

    U R RIGHT!!!!!!

  67. Winged Reaper says:

    I wonder how sore your fingers get as those nails get longer.

  68. www.freebieshark.com says:

    Eww that’s just plain gross!

  69. Haywood Jablowmi says:

    holy taco!!!!

  70. Viktorrrrrr says:

    Hahaha Ian Delhaunt.

  71. Ontopoyomama says:

    Wow. That was much better than the semi nude babes I usually see on here. Excuse me now, I need to go jab my eyes out.

  72. Ker Plunk says:

    I wonder who takes care of these people? They sure as hell can’t function in society. Someone is wiping their ass!

  73. Stick says:

    That was my first thought. Screw tweeting, who’s helping them shit?

  74. i smell like ass says:

    all the feet toenails look like fritos

  75. Anything everything says:


  76. Suzy says:

    Most of the pics weren’t THAT gross, but more interestingly long, and some had weird shapes and sizes. The nails that grossed me out were the nails that were un-attended to.. The darn nails that were long, yellow and crusty. Ewww. How can anyone live with nails like that? The yellow and crusty nails, that is!

  77. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Who gives a fuck how they tweet, I wanna know how they masturbate.

  78. shartfelch says:

    they think about your mom fingering her asshole.

  79. ShakeThatBear says:

    fap fap fap



  81. mococat says:

    You are a racist prick!! How many crosses have you burned on people’s lawns? And for that matter, how many of your relatives are brother and sister?

  82. Sickened says:

    Yea I think she lost all of her nails in a car accident recently. So at least now shes just a crazy looking old cat lady. I wonder if she knows how to function now that she doesnt have her precious’s?

  83. kaylalalala says:

    the firsl lady holds the record for longest finger nails in the world.she also cuts hair.she just puts the scissors at the end of her nails and threads them threw the holes.
    its really weird.

  84. joe says:

    How do they wipe their Butts or take a leak?

  85. O_o says:

    lern too spel u fuktard.

  86. i was sick says:

    man,I through up! they shouldn’t have put the last one in, disgousting

  87. nemesis says:

    i wonder how they wipe after they do a boom-boom.

  88. blahdeblahblahblah says:

    number 1 lost her nails in a car crash a couple of weeks ago….. remember seeing it in the part of the news where they try to make something interesting instead of the doom and gloom

  89. JORDAN says: