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25 People in Obnoxious T-Shirts

Sometimes the world just needs to know that you’re a jackass.


47 Responses to "25 People in Obnoxious T-Shirts"

  1. DirtyJersey says:

    My fav i saw down in DC like 4 years ago. it was a shirt with a pic of david Bowie on it and underneath the pic it said “I Fucked Mick Jagger” hahahaha

  2. Smokey says:

    most of them are great

  3. ass burgers disease says:

    I can haz cheezeburger?

  4. Chicoson says:

    Seems like alot of those can pass as child abuse…

    Also, what does the UF girl’s shirt say on the front? I can’t read on account of staring at her ass.

  5. rawr says:

    i know the chick in the 14th pic and she is a fat bitch

  6. Godzilla19 says:

    Who is the girl in the “Not everything is Flat in Florida” T-shirt?

  7. Godzilla19 says:

    I checked Dailymotion and couldn’t find her.

  8. Frank says:

    It says right tit, ME, left tit.

  9. insideofyou says:

    oh how the fabrics have amazed us again. HOW WILL THE CLEVERNESS BE PERCEIVED????!!!!111 hopefully the dirty slogans will allow for more sEXING. can it be for you?? four all of us?!?!?!

    temptress t shirt…..temptress t shirt!
    korea four life

  10. lol says:

    Look at this funny blog with random funny tees http://randomfunnytees.wordpress.com/

  11. jewish guy says:

    lol, you goyim are arguing about T-shirts

    you guys are dumb as cunts

    goyish sub human

  12. ss says:

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  13. Thallia says:

    That first guy looks like Tom Savini without as much hair….

  14. Godzilla19 says:


  15. Anonymous1 says:

    I think it says “T-Bone Me”.

  16. Rocky Mountums says:

    A girl from Colorado.

  17. fbtshirts.com says:

    HEY YOU CAN BUY THOSE TSHIRTS HERE http://linkbee.com/NaughtyTees

  18. NoCympathee says:

    yeah .. number 12 & 13 so need to be in the 25 creepy mall santas list

  19. cbutt says:

    the I love fat bitches tshirt is from R U Hungry at Penn State. Its one of their famous sandwiches

  20. yo yo says:

    Spam Fail

  21. Lance says:

    I would like to warm up those freezing titties in my mouth.

  22. IDGAF says:

    ^ redundant

  23. kingdingaling says:

    thats cristina check daily motion “cristina bouncing boobs”

  24. Frig McCrevasse says:

    Fuck you. We can eat bacon. We can eat bacon cheeseburgers. We can eat bacon cheeseburgers before sundown on Saturday while we bind sheaves and repeatedly tie and untie our shoes. Suck it.

  25. Frig McCrevasse says:

    You tug your pecker to cocksuckers? I tug mine to Ann Coulter’s bobbing Adam’s Apple.

  26. ShakeThatBear says:

    I was yanking it to Michelle Obama the other day….then I realized it was RuPaul.

  27. Exile says:

    No one in an Obama shirt? I guess they didn’t use mug shots.

  28. queeftard says:

    can’t hear you with your head that far up Glenn Beck’s asshole.

  29. Apfelbaum says:

    queeftard win

  30. Vito says:

    You mean that wasnt Patrick Ewing at the inauguration?!

  31. ShakeThatBear says:

    keep talking queeftard….fap fap fap…..all you obama cock suckers make me wanna tug my love muscle….fap fap fap.

  32. for sure! says:

    150 points for the guy above!

  33. office jerk says:

    i … i don’t get the 50,000 battered women one.

  34. demic chesbro says:

    you … you are a dumbfuck.

  35. Bob says:

    it is a pun, battered meaning beaten and battered as in something one would do to food, fyi u have to be a dumbass if the dude wearing the shirt gets it

  36. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Jesus FUCK, you dumbshits …

    Battered = beaten
    Battered = breaded and fried

    Ask an adult to help you put this together.

  37. Jimmy Nordon says:

    No you didn’t^^^^^

  38. KnuckleDraggingCromag says:

    Wait… I don’t get it… People beat up their food?

  39. gpcxii says:

    I did some charity work at the Tempura House. It’s a group home for lightly battered women.

  40. Anonymousey says:

    Can you explain this to my just one more time… I still don’t think I get it.

    People fry boobies?

  41. Harry Clark says:

    Yeah I agree, what the fuck does it mean. Its really not that obvious

  42. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    Fuck for Cake FTW.

  43. Boxxy says:


  44. Otaku King says:

    hey it had boobs and asians im happy.

  45. the cynical gentleman says:

    a lot of these, have to be fake

  46. office jerk says:


  47. The Redskins Suck says:

    The girl at the Florida game is one of the hottest I’ve ever seen. The other chick from Florida has great boobs too. How are they obnoxious? Is it cause there isn’t a cock for you homo’s to suck on?