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25 People Punched In The Face

If the best way to stop a punch is with your face, then these guys are real pros.


59 Responses to "25 People Punched In The Face"

  1. brivan says:

    i like dick

  2. brivan says:

    i like dick y name is rosa

  3. Anony says:

    Oh come on! That Jersey shore chick did not get punched in the face! I saw it on MTV and they censored the punch to obviously cover up the fact that she wasnt punched at all! Someone must’ve used this new darned computer machine to magic the picture to move and make it look like she got punched in the face!

  4. Johnnyy says:

    Man, she deserved it!

    Just look at how that bitch is running her mouth, probably complaining about some trivial thing, emotionally attacking the gentleman who just wants to enjoy his fucking drink without some drama queen yelling at him.

    Shit, I would punch her too!

  5. TD says:

    K-Rage is a pillow biter….no snatch for that attitude.

  6. Drew Dat says:

    I don’t advocate violence against women, but that dude deserves a medal for clockin’ the Jersey broad “Snookie”. STFU!

  7. Southside says:

    Must be a balls deep in ur throat, cock suckin Cubs fan…

  8. Kabbu says:

    Actually Berlusconi wasn’t punched, he got hit by a model of Milan’s cathedral.

  9. Mr. Latt says:

    You should never hit a girl….I got your back Snicks!

  10. rebekkah says:

    That wasn’t in defense, as she wasn’t making a move to hit him, so it was wrong of him to hit her.

  11. bwgruss says:

    no i aint buyin u a drink bitch!!!!

  12. Hugh Jassole says:

    Ah ha ha! Fuqn Snookie!

  13. Sechra says:

    The sixth one is so funny!

  14. malc says:

    As a common everyday guy, a video of a muscular dude colcocking a chick in the face is a little alarming. I havent seen that show but from the previews I can tell “snooki” has probably been socked before and probably deserved it. Hey, run your mouth, get punched in it. I mean i just dont hit girls, i understand the equality thing. However its fair enough, ladies can talk all the shit they want I dont punch them in the face and I make more money than you doing the same job I.E. fair.

  15. Anonymoose says:

    white sox suck

  16. Exile says:

    Oh if only one of the punchees was Adolf Judas Obama.

  17. TryShown DeCharles LeNignog Blaktavious says:

    hahaha thats fucking hilarious

  18. TryShown DeCharles LeNignog Blaktavious says:

    also guys dont have to suck a dick…unless youre gay. then u take a dick to the dome. but as i digress, i think that making more money, being able to pee anywhere i please at a moments notice, and having a much better sense of humor make up for the fact that i cant hit a woman regardless of the amount of shit she talks. plus, from 20 to 40 we get better looking while turn into hideous, face and boob sagging cuntmuffins.

  19. I was waiting from Blount hitting the Boise State player after Oregon got rolled to start the season.

  20. who gives a f**k says:

    no matter how big of a bitch snookie was…who punches a girl??? what kinda asshole does that…he should get his ass kicked each time someone sees this

  21. Luke says:

    Serves snooki right for stealing my dogs nickname.
    But i think her annoyingness was also a good reason
    to bitchpunch her douchebag ass.

  22. Pantera's FACEEEEE says:

    Yeah Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power Cover !!

  23. ice says:


  24. your name says:

    your a twat

  25. AnnBoner says:

    +1 for punching a Ed Hardy hat wearing bitch.

  26. haha says:

    then you will never get sex :P

  27. who cares says:

    michael barrett is a fairy

  28. ribbed says:

    was that last one a double tko?

  29. Eric says:

    I could watch the last one all day

  30. Jack says:

    You’re an idiot.

  31. David says:

    Don,t forget Leona Lewis was punched aswell we need her picture up there

  32. joet says:

    The person who punches a girl in the face is the one that is drunk, and tired of some ranting cunt, who thinks she can say what she wants because she is a girl, and thinks there is no consequence to her words.

  33. AA Dropout says:

    Cover for Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power!

  34. Anonymous_troll says:

    If it’s ok for a woman to hit a man, then it’s ok for a man to hit a woman. That’s gender equality for you, wuss!

    If a woman tries to hurt me, I’ll knock her teeth off!!

    Women who think they can get away with anything because they have a vagina, should get a good slap on the face to teach them that rules are the same for everyine – male or female!

  35. pee pee says:

    FUCK YA YO!!!!!!!!

  36. movingshadow says:

    woooord, that bitch had it coming… too bad he didn’t hit her harder!!!

  37. Justin Whtoe says:

    Dude that face punch is truly amazing dude.


  38. Anonymous K-Rage says:

    Yeah, do women want equality or not?

    As a man, I know not to talk too much shit, or else I risk getting punched in the face. Women, on the other hand, can somehow talk shit without any risk of retaliation?

    How is it fair that women get all this special treatment – along with the fact that men are supposed to:
    * Open doors for women
    * Be chivalrous to women
    * Hit other men, but never a woman
    * Not make gender-based jokes around women

    While at the same time, women want even MORE rights? Either women are COMPLETELY EQUAL TO MEN or they ARE NOT. PICK ONE.

    And don’t even get started with “but women have to give birth to children.” No, you don’t. If it’s such a huge fucking burden for you to give birth, then DONT. STAY OUT OF MY SOCIETY AND STOP REPRODUCING. Don’t have children or QUIT YOUR BITCHIN.

    Ok, end rant.

  39. Gasp! says:

    His name is Robert Paulson!

  40. Robert Paulsen says:

    Haha, the last one looks like he punches the dude and the chick in one swing.

  41. Johnny says:

    Cornelius, since you mentioned “wife-beating” and “anger managment”, you’re probably from USA, where male bashing equals feminism, and the bitches are free to run their mouthes while the man is supposed to just listen and suck it up. You’re making the US guys look like pussies.

    If you don’t beat your wife, how will she learn?

  42. Steve says:

    You can tell that bitch in the last one was talking shit and got what was comming to her. Wish we could all get away with that shit, some bitches just NEED to be shut the fuck up.

  43. I love cornelius says:

    No seriously…you’re hilarious cornelius.

  44. cornelius p tumbledry says:

    i bet all the wife-beaters agree with you at your anger management classes. by the way how was your 15 mins of fame on cops as the toothless hillbilly who crapped his pants when he got tased in the taint?

  45. Anonomyus says:

    Perez Hilton should of, could of and would of have ” White
    Squiggle” down his mouth..

  46. Djouf says:

    Missed a trick, taco. Shouldnt Perez Hilton have had a little white squiggle at the corner of his mouth?

    Oh fuck it…. SECOND!!!

  47. Owned says:

    How many bars do you know of that cater to the wee folk?

  48. office jerk says:

    something i just pondered. According to serious online sources snookie is 4 foot 9. that means that the guy that punched her looks to be a mental as well as physical midget.

    You know the one i’m talking about, the short dude in your circle of friends who is always treated as the retarded little brother, and is always desperately and unsuccessfully trying to stand up to his taller brethren like some angry little joe pesci.

    and what the fuck is up with the asian dude? he’s gotta be just taller than a garden gnome.

  49. Idiot says:

    She was kneeling on a bar stool dumbass.

  50. TryShown DeCharles LeNignog Blaktavious says:

    yea u a dumbass, bitch was on a bar stool.

  51. TD says:

    Yeah….Yeah! She was on a barstool…maybe tricking from there?


  52. DUDER says:


  53. Rash Quake says:

    One who needs it = http://bit.ly/aUU9gz

  54. DUDER says:

    plus i win bitches

  55. TheJuggernautBitch says:

    Shit, just lookin at Snooki makes me wanna jack her in the face. That man should get a key to the city, or at the very least a thank you card.

  56. Bah says:

    25 people punched in the face?????? ok, well women, dogs and Perez Hilton are NOT people, so, …thanks for the 20-21 people punched in the face. Hard to tell what that thing with the ear hoop is.

  57. VictorFromDK says:


  58. office jerk says:

    hahaha i knew it was leading up to snookie.

    what the hell is up with the rugby ball. i was expecting to read GILBERT, but it says GIBBEPT i thought it was some kind of photoshopped pun, but it seems to be some kind of russian shit. maybe a knockoff like the Panasoanic TV my uncle bought from Poland. or the Ray Han glasses for sale at venice beach

  59. dope says:

    Why would your uncle drag cheap ass knock off Panasoanic TV all the way back to your country? Is he retarded?