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25 Pics of Ashton Kutcher Looking Like a Tool


Usually in a gallery when we make fun of someone it stands on its own merits but let it never be said we unjustly mocked Ashton Kutcher, the man behind the painfully unfunny Punk’d, the man who tried to popularize trucker hats, the man who is one half of the driving force behind the hilariously ill-conceived anti-sex slavery campaign we mocked a little while back and the man who continues to mercilessly unleash terrible films to the box office on a regular basis.  Here’s him in various hipster doofus outfits looking ridiculous.


trucker hat

ashton bear

dumb glasses

sack hat

ashton beard

ashton green

ashton in rope

ashton in red headband

ashtonbeing retarded

serious ashton

ashton looks like KD lang

another sack hat

iphone ashton

ashton scarf

ashton autograph

ashton pool


happy face

frustrated ashton

lame shirt ahston

ashton hat

derp ashton

ashton flipping the bird in a yellow vest

One Response to "25 Pics of Ashton Kutcher Looking Like a Tool"

  1. Mexican Jesus says:

    Dude, I would still totally wreck Demi Moore’s poop chute then lick it clean.