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25 Pics of Michelle Baker

michelle in black

If you’re an internet writer whose life is devoted to following trending topics in the hopes of riding the wave of popularity to more views on your site, then you know Michelle Baker is trending right now thanks to her recent appearance on SI.com and a string of other recent online appearance on sites ranging from The Smoking Jacket to our own Made Man.  But do you know where you saw her first?  Probably not on Holy Taco, but we still featured her before those other guys way back in December because we know awesome when we see it.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that she’s super cool and keeps sending us pictures even when counsel has advised her against it.   Here’s 25 more of Michelle.

michelle in black

michelle baker waterfall

michelle baker by the tub

Michelle baker by a fence

Michelle baker under a plam

michelle baker on the beach

michelle baker in trees

michelle baker topless

michelle baker showing off her whistle

michelle baker posing by palm tree

michele baker in the corner

michlle baker by the beach

michelle baker on the bed

michelle backer topless

Michellle baker sitting

michelle baker lying on the beach

michelle baker with some coocnuts

michelle baker looks serious

michelle baker green

michelle baker in the trees

michelle baker in red

michelle baker on bed

michelle baker on the beach

michelle baker clearly digs holy taco

8 Responses to "25 Pics of Michelle Baker"

  1. charlie says:

    Not to be picky, but I count only 24 MORE pictures. AND there’s a duplicate. So Holy Taco, you owe us two more pictures!!!

  2. brown says:

    Now where is that dublicate? theres pictures that looks alike, but appearently you only look at bewbs and think “zomg same bra, same pic!”

  3. Buck Naked says:

    I didn’t make it to the end, I exploded on the 4th pic.