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25 Pictures of Chicks Dressed Like Leeloo Dallas

The E3 Expo starts this week.  25 pictures of chicks dressed like Leeloo Dallas from The Fifth Element seems like an appropriately geeky way to celebrate.


33 Responses to "25 Pictures of Chicks Dressed Like Leeloo Dallas"

  1. same says:

    @jeesuz, well said

  2. Barnaby Jones says:

    not enough partial nudity

  3. Easily Fooled says:

    Wow, HT! Way to go finding 25 women dressed as Dallas.

    Even though 6 pics look like the same mediocre-looking chick and that Asian girl seems to pop up twice, I am totally convinced that they are all different women.

  4. Snarf says:

    Silverhawks was also better!

  5. Chris Tucker says:

    I didn’t notice the scantily-clad woman, because I was totally gay in this movie.

  6. Jackie Chan says:

    You were totally gay in every movie, Chris.

  7. Stinky Nutz says:

    Is it true that the last of the Justin’s got fired? If so it would make a lot of sense since now this website fu$%ing BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just want to make sure that I am judging this site correctly. Apparently it is a long way down from the Chili’s ANALogy and the internal corporate memo’s that used to be funny. Way to fail HT.

  8. Anonymous123243234 says:

    Just that she is not called Leeloo Dallas in the movie. Dallas is HIS (oh Bruce, praise you) name in the movie. She is just called Leeloo, an alien from outer space…

  9. Artistry says:

    Where is the amazing celebrity FanGirl Adrienne Curry she has some amazing pictures from this years ComiCon in Anaheim here is a link:http://gone-hollywood.com/2010/04/adrianne-curry-channels-leeloo-from-fifth-element-photos/

  10. It’s like totally a requirement to have no rack to sport these outfits.

  11. Other says:


  12. Biz Markie says:

    This list is fail. Only two chicks even resemble Leelo. The rest are effin uggs.

  13. Bruce Willis says:

    “fap fap fap” … I just have to write that sequel myself.

  14. James Dean says:

    Oh wow, a few of those chicks are actually hot!


  15. Fister says:

    All this ugly in one page and yet it is strange that I must still pick one…(you guys know what I mean!)

  16. HB says:

    Numbers 20 and 21 are certifiably hot, the rest of them are some fugly biotches.

  17. Anonymos says:

    1 and 3 the rest not so great

  18. Harry Baulsak says:

    I’ll give them all five elements of my dick. Even that last guy, what the hell.

  19. i'm not gay says:

    check out the dude’s balls in the last pic…nice

  20. 00kla the M0k says:

    5th Element was great for the first 40 minutes or so. Felt so much like a live-action Heavy Metal magazine story; Even very close to the Harry Canyon story in the HM flick. Then it turned so bad that it fucked itself completely and retroactively. The little jagged line on the chart went down AND backward. F+

    Beyond the two of these chicks that I think look good, I admit there are about 6 or so of them that I would screw just because they would wear a nerd costume. I give these dames credit for that at least.

    And for the record: Thundercats was not very good. Blackstar was way better.

  21. ???? says:

    Didnt u guys makeout at the MTV movie awards?

  22. Ben Affleck says:

    What do you guys expect from a bunch of jackasses trying to dress up an overhyped “model” playing a poorly designed role in a mediocre movie?

    This is probably a list of the most attractive people to ever have dressed up as multipasshole jovovich, which says more about the quality of those people than the quality of the holy taco editors.

    Anyhow, it was worth looking at all those sickening people for that glorious stud in the thundercats outfit.

  23. Matt Damon says:


  24. Kevin Smith says:

    Ben, you wouldn’t know a good movie even if it hit you in the face with a huge puerto rican tranny dick disguised as J-Lo!

  25. Anonymousaaaa says:

    The one looking over her shoulder is way scarier than the dude in the last picture

  26. jelly roll says:


  27. FBI says:

    #3 FTW!

  28. jeesuz says:

    HT, you’ve outdone yourself again. Never have I seen a more impressive list of unattractive, sloppy-bodied girls trying to look hot than the one you’ve compiled here! Well played.

  29. Gainer says:

    haha the one with the big nose looking over the shoulder looks like a Jewish raggity ann hahahahahaha

  30. Tiny Dickman says:

    Way to get the same Asian girl twice, oh, and the 22 other hideous women, and the two guys. FUCK YOU

  31. Duto says:

    Not one good lookin’ broad in the bunch, and i’m 90% certain that the second one is a dude. Bra-vo.

  32. pratik says:

    I thought you guys would go old-school and put a gallery of Chun-Li or the chick from Everquest.