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25 Pictures of Shiny Things

25 pictures of shiny things…because words don’t have boobs!


27 Responses to "25 Pictures of Shiny Things"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    How can you guys get semi-naked-women-wearing-shiny-stuff WRONG? HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU TWATS ABLE TO PULL THAT OFF?

    Let this be the last time you show cellulite as eye candy, you tasteless sons of bitches!!!

  2. keep on tuckin' says:

    translation: more shiny man-hammocks

  3. DOLEMITE says:

    words dont have boobs but neither do anorexic bitches and dogs

  4. keep on hiddin' says:

    Dwight, you really are one pathetic motherfucker.

    Please never reproduce, EVER!

  5. keep on suckin' says:

    translation: Dwight royally pwned me and my feeble mind can’t come up with a way to get back at him so I’ll yell at random readers and claim they’re Dwight to make up for my ego being crushed.

  6. Keep on Tossin'... says:

    my salad son. Get the honey and back to work Donkey.

  7. Nope says:

    Could you not find any uglier bitches? Holy Taco is now off of the RSS feed. This site sucks ass

  8. Per johan says:

    yo these last pic yo startin to make me mad..

    why u got to make them last pics so motherfu*******in bad????

    yo just sayin

    Per Johan (“the dawg”)

  9. Adam Tod Brown says:
    Like I give a shit.  You’ll look at that picture of a dude’s junk and you’ll enjoy it.  Now learn to speak English.
  10. Per johan says:

    dude if u dont undestand me talkin these simple langugage u better try get smarter yo just sayin i aint takin kindly to ur kind of people yo goin around saying bad stuff u learn manners yo

    u made it personal, bro

    Per Johan (“the dawg”)

  11. Adam Tod Brown says:
    You’re adorable.
  12. Tiny Dickman says:

    Where did Justin go? Crying in the corner? HA!

    But yeah, probably the gayest article I have ever seen, especially the first 24 pics

    Adam, tell Justin he can eat my shit and die from dysentery.

  13. Justin. says:

    I have died from dysentery

  14. Ben Affleck says:

    yo u made personal bro watch out cuz 2pac gonna hunt u down wit hiz no spellin skillz and no punctuation skillz postin faggy unreadable horseshit on this site and accusin other peeps of bein stupid yo and sayin yo every otha word like a unedumacated motha fucka

    yo just sayin

    Ben Affleck (“dawg hata”)

    Goodness, man. You know, schools exist for a reason. The English language may be malleable, but that’s no reason to just rip it apart and lower the bar for all of the English speaking world. You say he made it personal? Why? YOU posted on a public site. You deliberately type like a lazy adolescent texting on a cell phone. You made it personal by placing your opinion out here for everyone to see, knowing anyone could comment on it. Any lashes you receive from that are entirely YOUR fault.
    One day you’ll look back on times like this and wonder what you were thinking. You won’t call it a regret, but you will think of it as a phase in your life you’d just assume forget.

    yo, just sayin.

  15. Tommy Two Toes says:

    people like him will be like that for the rest of their lives and will not change. I see it from day to day around my area old people of that kind still talking the way they do their mind set is stuck on Money, Bitches, Hoes, and expensive shit they can not afford.. thats the way society has brought up these people that will never succeed in life..

    per Tommy Gun “YO”

  16. Ben Affleck says:

    Who exactly are you referring to in this comment? Why would you assume any of the responses to johan’s barely discernible drivel come from people who have never changed or are somehow locked into a particular frame of mind? Furthermore, what would make you not say the same thing to johan? Are you somehow excusing people’s lack of concern for accurate usage of grammar or punctuation?
    Additionally, why would you associate change with success? How do you define success? Why would one’s inability to conform to the structure of language be related to their potential for success?

    Or were you just arguing cause it’s fun?

  17. Yurtle says:

    It is fascinating how you can employ such a vocabulary in your reply, yet not comprehend the context of what you are replying to.

  18. Ben Affleck says:

    My point was the response was ambiguous. It could be to Johan, me or anyone else. My response was not intended to be a stab at anyone per say. I know my comments can easily be applied to myself.

    The way I saw it, he was saying those things ABOUT Johan. But it can also be read as a response intended to be read BY Johan.
    I chose to respond as though it were to be read BY Johan to emphasize that point.

    And because I’m an asshole who argues for the sake of arguing. That’s also why I didn’t include names. That way I am doing exactly what he did with the expectation that it would fuel the fire, so to say, as well as leave open wide and glorious gaps in my own point that I am hoping people will get and exploit.

    The forums are more fun when people actually respond well.

  19. Tiny Dickman says:

    I have a tiny dick!

  20. WTF Happened? says:

    WTF happend to this website? It has shit the bed.

  21. Kris says:

    So mostly dogs like to wear shiny things? Jesus Christ and other mythological creatures, I thought I was looking through the Humane Society’s adoption list until I checked the top of my browser.

  22. Woody McPeckerson says:

    Clearly, the staff at Holy Taco took the day off and went to the beach, leaving Donkeyxote and his anally satisfied pet iguana to mind the store….clearly.

  23. Yurtle says:

    yo man, dun be h8in on the ppl who cant speak englihs its not there fault they never went to no school.

    But seriously, words do not have boobs – a very accurate statement. So a word of advice on your funny articles: Less words, more boobs.

    Or just less words in general, you don’t need to write an essay to make somebody smile (it’s even worse when you can’t even do that).

  24. anal_destruktor says:

    word bitches! oh and by the way yo im out yo ,ok yo ? peace yo

    anal_destruktor(the dawg catcher)

  25. Right Click...Delete... says:

    goodbye Holytaco.com bookmark… you’re fucked up and your shits all retarded. I bet you’re even un-scannable.

  26. 00kla the M0k says:

    Hello again you liberal/conservative douchebags.

    Who is that chick in the 5th picture? Famous? Just some nobody? I’d like to ruin my business for her. Sink all my ships in the harbor. Freak out and close down comment section for her.

  27. I miss the old HolyTACO says:

    Most (not all) these chicks weren’t even that great. Honestly, pretty shitty list.

    p.s where the hell is Justin, if bringing him back means bringing the old HT back, then bring that bitch back