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25 Pictures of the USC Song Girls

With the sanctions levied upon the USC football and basketball programs yesterday, there’s a good chance we won’t have much reason to care about anything they do for the next couple of years.  But even if they won’t be appearing in any bowl games anytime soon, USC still has one thing that no other school can claim…the lovely USC Song Girls. 


10 Responses to "25 Pictures of the USC Song Girls"

  1. Clemson Sucks says:

    Clemson Rally Cats = White Trash. Song Girls are hotter and they have $$ and futures.

  2. Hey says:

    You realize every other site ever has done this years ago. Are you new to the internet?

  3. Doh says:

    The USC sanctions are big news to college football fans. So other than to homos like you that have something agains wet cheerleaders, this post is current and relavent.
    Nice job HT.

  4. Bob says:

    regardless if this has been posted before, it’s still excellent. Thumbs up HT

  5. nice says:


  6. pratik says:

    A few of these picture look like they were taken by a guy hiding in the bushes.

  7. Travis Bucharest says:

    Last guy on the Last pic on the Right. Checking out dude ass. FAIL! lawlz!

  8. phhhht says:

    they’ll all be “escorts” in vegas soon enough

  9. Hold on a minute says:

    Clemson Rally Cats, hotter, and southern girls