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25 Pictures of Women Doing Manly Things

Hey man, it’s the 21st century! The days of women spending their time barefoot in the kitchen are virtually over, save for a select few holdouts who had way too many kids way too young to ever dream about living their dreams.
As for the everyone else, it’s a total free for all. Here are 25 women doing things men usually do.


13 Responses to "25 Pictures of Women Doing Manly Things"

  1. aPlateOfGrapes.com says:

    Ahhh, sexism.

  2. Anonymousgirl says:

    Oh but apparently we can only do these things in lingerie.

  3. Anonymous22 says:

    CEOs of the kitchen

  4. Dr POoPenHEiNZ says:

    speaking of kitchen ceo’s has anyone seen my certified sandwich
    technicion ?

  5. Another fail. says:

    Standing on the beach is a man thing to do?
    Pretty gay holy taco…

  6. Ian Fortey says:
    Yeah, that chick picture is pretty gay. You got us.  Anyway, back to the highway rest stop for you, Hetero Joe.
  7. knowmorethanyou says:

    its danica patrick you fools, she races cars

  8. Critter says:

    i want #3. she can get my motor going any day.

  9. Billy-Bob says:

    lol swedish crown princess Victoria in the first pilot pic.

  10. Imagineer says:

    looks like you ran out of photos (creativity) on your las pictures, perhaps its not worth a posting, just saying

  11. NFL Players says:

    Rugby in lingerie is hot.

  12. CoolyoSanchez says:

    please note that in the 12th image, unless guys stand tip toed on a beach caressing their breasts, that is NOT something a man does.