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25 Potential Reasons Why Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Seperated

schwarzenegger posing with girl and wine

After many long years of marriage, the former governor and the Kennedy are calling it quits.  We’re not saying it has anything to do with Schwarzenegger’s reputation as a serial groper party boy or anything, but we’re not not saying it either.  We’re a comedy site though, what do we know about marriage?

schwarzenegger staring at boob

pot smoker

girl on schwarzenegger

schwarzenegger at a party

donkey calf press

schwarzenegger macking a honey

schwarzenegger and some pink chick

yellow bikini

schwarzenegger getting it from Grace Jones

schwarzenegger and stone

schwarzenegger and mma girls

schwarzenegger and TV host

schwarzenegger and hidden finger

schwarzenegger flexing

schwarzenegger holding girl

schwarzenegger party boy

disco schwarzenegger

schwarzenegger and ladies

schwarzenegger and old ladies

schwarzenegger and some 70's broad

schwarzenegger and devito

schwarzenegger and ladies

schwarzenegger and creepy doll

8 Responses to "25 Potential Reasons Why Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Seperated"

  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    This article doesn’t make sense

  2. Exile says:

    I don’t know why Skeletor dumped him. He governed like an America-Hating Democrap just like her entire worthless traitor family.

    • Ian Fortey says:

      Yeah, but see in that one pic? He has his finger inside a lady.

      • DonkeyXote says:

        And sticking a finger, or anything for that matter, inside a lady is something “Exile” is likely to never experience, plus he’s too much of a Republicunt to finger his own hole — or is he? ¬.¬

  3. Wilford Brimley's Monkey says:

    i liked the part where american citizens seriously voted in the person who starred in Twins to a real, important, government post for a state which has an economy comparable to most countries on earth and ran that shit into the ground like it was his hollywood career.

    couldn’t you have voted for the porn star instead?