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25 Real Life Superheroes

Yes, they’re really real.


32 Responses to "25 Real Life Superheroes"

  1. Anon E. Mus says:

    the california guy reminds me of freddy krouger

  2. ccyanide says:

    UK have a pretty cool one, the black arrow, but England’s hero sucks lol

  3. pratik says:

    Figures that even the superheroes in Utah are blindingly white.

  4. Graumagus says:

    Angle grinder man is carrying what looks like a concrete saw…. I think Concrete saw man (AGM’s sworn Arch-Enemy) killed him and is wearing his costume….

  5. im livin in a van down by the river says:

    makes me want to beat up some highschool virigins for some reason

  6. shmeckylembeck says:

    Haha, the two “superheroes” from Utah (where I live) are actually part of a group called the Black Monday Society…and they all look like they should be in a death metal band.

  7. RogermeBitchcock says:

    Concrete saw = angle grinder…
    This guy goes around and cuts parking boots off of cars in London. Sounds pretty cool to me. Every city needs a guy who does that. And a guy who covers up Redlight cameras.

  8. KnuckleDragger says:

    Wow… Just wow. You are dumb.

  9. The Mexican Wrestler... says:


  10. still dre says:

    The only actual hero in here as far as I can determine is angle grinder man.
    He takes the most risk by going up against ‘the man’ and really helps people out.
    I would be happy to be saved by him in a situation of distress.

  11. Mr Anonymous says:

    Your name sounds like something my former stepdad wanted to do. Live down by the river with Jesus. And the TV. Not kidding about the TV.

  12. Mr Anonymous says:

    Zetaman’s kind of gay. I mean, what kind of things does he even do for people?

  13. Anonymous Rex says:

    There’s a Captain Greedy who runs a comic book store in town – he also has a cable access show.


  14. Why does Jackson Michigan have 2 superheros?

  15. Turin says:

    Damnit. I’m from Portland Oregon and we have the lamest hero. Is that a flashlight. I mean really.

  16. HaroldKoch says:

    Does Jackson, Michigan really need 2 superheroes?

  17. Sean Ryan says:

    There’s a third as well, crimefighter girl. I think they are a family that goes around and picks up trash then call the police when someone parks on the wrong side of the road.

  18. Dr. Doom says:

    The only one that scares me is “Superhero” from FL because he has a machine gun and he is obviously insane. Everyone else can get shot.

  19. Joe The Asshole says:


    They Should have DonkeyXote… he can suck more cock than any whore in the world, I believe that is his slogan :P

  20. Phil Jones says:

    Very true! But you are the hole that our cocks go into. Take it you Ass Pirate! Take some creamy man treasure into your booty!

  21. Paks says:

    WOW!!! I’m form Mexico City and SuperBarrio is actually my neighbour. He’s a social fighter and prevent people from loosing their homes. It’s cool to see him overhere

  22. Joe The Asshole says:

    is Super Barrio a girl or a woman… I cannot tell because of the huge ass breasts he has.

  23. Secret Identity says:

    SuperBarrio is Donkeyxote who is Philosopher.

  24. Ben Affleck says:

    They can only claim to be a super hero or super villain if they have committed at least one heinous act of public crime while announcing their superiority as a villain, or if they have prevented an act of crime and had their photograph taken in the process, then made front page of a newspaper – in this day and age, a blog is acceptable.

    I see none of that here. Just damn fools!

  25. WooHoo says:

    Ben…..are we reading a few too many comic books? You’re laying down rules these folks have no loyalty to. Don’t you wonder if they dress like this every day…? Do they have to take a test to qualify to look like fucking idiots?

  26. Ben Affleck says:

    I know they dress like that every day. I do.
    And yes, there is a test. It’s actually quite complicated and involves getting your ass kicked over and over again to see how well you can recover, in case you have to maintain a lifetime grudge against the batman.

  27. Mr Anonymous says:

    Dark Guardian stopped a conveniece store robbery. Does that count?

  28. Name says:

    None of the Connecticut superheroes got on here… not even that fag with the masks!

  29. This is gay says:

    This is the gayest think I have ever seen in my life.

  30. Anonymousy says:

    no, the mirror is the gayest thing you have seen in your entire life.

  31. DOLEMITE says:

    I find it quite odd that Dark Guardian is not dark nor is Green Scorpion Green

  32. DonkeyXote says:

    Are you done fuckwit? I need that huge black dong up my ass now buddy!