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25 Sad Cleveland Fans

Cleveland seems like the saddest place on earth today, but this gallery proves that despair is nothing new to the fans of Cleveland sports.


44 Responses to "25 Sad Cleveland Fans"

  1. NumbNuts says:

    subbarbs? Dumb Ass!

  2. detroit sucks but..... says:

    after ten years living in the city of Detroit, not the suburbs, im done defending it but I will say this, I would shoot myself in the face if I had to live in Cleveland. If you know what you are doing, Detroit is a great place to live. And, so far, our river doesn’t catch on fire!……Unlike Cleveland.

  3. You are a moron YOUALLSUCK and says:

    you aren’t very smart but you do know what your talking about. I live in Grosse Pointe and there are hot women EVERYWHERE on a nice day and huge houses all over the place. It blows my mind that one of the worst city’s in the world can be right next to one of the better city’s in the country, Just don’t be black in GP when the sun goes down haha

  4. UALLSUCK says:

    The Ghetto Parts of Detroit suck but unless you fuck-heads have seen the nice parts(inner city, surrounding subbarbs(with milfs,hot women, houses that make urs look tiny) dont talk like you know shit beacuse all u nerds see are the crappy pictures.

  5. Fohio says:

    I hate the whole state of Ohio. All the states that surround it call it the shitbag state.

  6. SHIT HEAD says:

    Thats the best comment. Detroit wins because the water does not burn.

  7. Anonymous100 says:

    Cleveland fans deserve a win… the fans are never fair-weather unlike other cities.

  8. hmmm says:

    funny since all the surrounding states have similar characteristics, what are you basing this off of? Probably just you and some friends, not very impressive

  9. Brononymous says:

    That’s because the only thing to do in Cleveland is to kill yourself or go the games.

  10. FU says:

    Cleveland. By far. Detroit just sucks. The sport failures there can’t be universally recognized by a couple words like The Catch, The Shot, Red Right 88, The Fumble, The Drive, Jose Mesa (or 97 Series)…and those encompass basketball, baseball, AND football.

    And add in the epic choke of the 07 ALCS and The Elbow (this year). And the Browns leaving town.

    In the 2000s alone, the Indians:
    -had two Cy Young winners start game 1 in the World Series…for different teams…after being traded away in consecutive years
    -started the Cy Young winner, at home, up 3-1 in the ALCS, and lost not only that game but the entire series
    -collapsed in 05 to throw away a playoff spot in the last week of the season
    -traded away or lost fan faves Victor Martinez, Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, and gave away Brandon Phillips for nothing

    Note that doesn’t include one of the two worst baseball losses of all time (the 97 Series game 7) or The Catch (which was, yes, against Cleveland). So that’s one decade for only one of the three teams. You do the math.

  11. Anonymous123456 says:

    Uh Detroit won the Stanley cup just a few years ago. Are you guys fucking high?

  12. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    Have you been to Detroit? It’s a fucking war zone.

    The Lions are pathetic, half the top echelon programs in D1 could probably beat them. The Tigers haven’t won jack shit in two decades. The Pistons have collapsed. Half the country doesn’t give a rip about hockey.

    So yeah, Detroit is the worst fucking city in the United States.

  13. This girl is hot! says:

    In Detroit you see Robocop and ED – 209 walking down the street, right?

  14. chupa mi culo says:

    They only really care about the Red Wings, but they are officially out of the running for the Stanley Cup.

  15. j peazey says:

    yeah you still left out the only sport that matters (hockey)and detroit won the cup 2 years ago and have been good for the past 2 decades

  16. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    If by “only sport that matters” you mean “more that half the country doesn’t give a shit about hockey”, than yeah, hockey is the only sport that matters.

  17. larry brown says:

    dwight, you ignorant slut. the pistons won the world championship in ’04 which is not 2 decades ago. and the tigers won the a.l. pennant in ’06.

  18. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    Larry Brown, you fucking retard. Why don’t you fucking read, I said the TIGERS haven’t won anything in two decades. Yeah, that’s right, winning a pennant doesn’t count. That is, unless you’re a loser city. Oh wait, Detroit sucks ass, so I guess for you losers it means the world.

    Also, the Pistons did win recently, but what have they done recently, oh yeah, take the elevator right down to the basement. JUST LIKE DETROIT!

    Have some self-respect and move to a city that doesn’t look like a fucking WWII movie real of bombed out Germany!

  19. pratik says:

    Which city is a worse city to be a sports fan… Philly or Cleveland?

  20. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    Cleveland. It’s the second worst city in the U.S just a notch above Detroit. They lose in everything.

    At least in Philly they win at somethings. The only problem with Philly is that it is infested with animals, i.e. “likes to puke guy”.

  21. FU says:

    Also, remember that d-bag Browns fan who tried to create a protest last year for Monday Night against the Ravens? The one who got to meet the Browns’ owner?

    That’s the dumbass wearing the fucking fries (Charlie’s Fries).

    And the gigantic guy wearing the #98 jersey is now depressing since he’s about 1/3 that size. Sad that I know who 2 of the people in these fucking photos are. Sad like the photos.

  22. GoFuckYourself says:

    Who’s the asshole throwing the beer bottle? That guy knows how to party!

  23. Anonymous69 says:

    That is Lebron. He’s a big NY fan and is gonna go there is post season!

  24. republicanamerican says:

    hes a fucken front runner, like the cowboys, yankees, teams that were winning when he was growing up, fucken quitter idiot, king my ass

  25. Anonymoosesex says:

    Lebron’s going to the Nets… JayZee owns property all up in Brooklyn, and they’re buds.

    And… Cleveland deserves to suffer. If freezing cold and industrial wasteland with a douchetastic rock and roll museum (ie. the ZOMG AEROSMITH! museum)

  26. office jerk, says:

    i don’t get the last one.,..

  27. khay says:

    i dunno.. but i’d like to punch that guy standing up right in the suckhole

  28. Dumb niggas says:

    LeBron James is watching a cleveland indians game in cleveland (where he plays for the cavaliers) and is wearing a new york yankees hat like a douche

  29. Dumb niggas says:

    the baseball is cleveland indians vs new york yankees

  30. Anonymous24 says:

    That’s not Lebron James.

  31. Youraretard says:

    Yes it is Lebron you stupid idiot

  32. PorchMonkey says:

    Who knows–they all look alike.

  33. Vorax says:

    Cleveland fan here attemping to visit HolyTaco.com to take his mind off the LeBacle and seeing this=F*cking Priceless.
    Great pics. Go f*ck yourselves.

  34. GoFuckYourself says:

    Cleveland fan heablah attempblah blur ble dur daur de de de bblluaauahhahuuuah deabbleleble dee LeBacle

    Get out of Ohio Fuckstick and stop putting god damn * instead of u. Yo*’re s*ch a q*eer.

  35. Vorax says:

    Did’nt know if i’d get my comment “filtered” for swearing. Wow you are a fucking asshole.

  36. PorchMonkey says:

    Hey dumbshit, this is already a known fact. Try reading the posts before you comment. Now go back to fapping for your mom.

  37. eBay Selling says:

    Thanks, I wasn’t sure.

  38. Duh! says:

    Try reading the posting date, dip shit. Just because he didn’t reply where you wanted him to doesn’t mean he’s late. These interwebs protocols, head hurting, must re-organize the earth. Wait, Lebro in a yankees hat. Must respond. Fucktard.

  39. Adam says:

    The last one is Lebron James in the Yankee’s hat.

  40. This girl is hot! says:

    Cleveland sucks more than Detroit and Flint, Michigan!! LOL

  41. the andriod man says:

    Yea I get it mother fucker.

  42. Bill Clinton says:

    cleveland sucks… been there and hate that dirty old smelly city..
    A NYC radio show ran a contest 1st prize was a weekend in cleveland — 2nd prize was a WEEK in cleveland

  43. Non American and loving it says:

    Are these people upset for the sports teams in Cleveland, or is it because they’re FROM Cleveland?

  44. she's right you know says:

    this is effing epic! funniest Holytaco i saw today! :) LAKERS BITCHES!!!!!