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25 Sensitive Moments in the NCAA

ncaa kiss

In honor of the Douchebag Tournament, and some kind of basketball madness thing that’s going on now too, we’re giving you this gallery of some of the NCAA’s more special moments where two men set aside the sport and just bond in a special way.

face crotch

limp wristed

grabby players

armpit lovers

holding a player

crotch grab

face ride

crotch jamming

crotch grab



dick face


close friends

crotch jamming

bent over

weiner touch

tight hug


crotching it

awkward catch

bent over


3 Responses to "25 Sensitive Moments in the NCAA"

  1. BillyBop says:

    Who did pau gasol play for in NCAA?

  2. DonkeyXote says:

    That’s nothing compared to this rugby player sticking his fingers up another dude’s ass, 100% INTENTIONALLY!