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25 Sexiest People Of Walmart

Someone needs to grab a hose from the Home and Garden section and cool these smoking hot people off! Rawrrr! If you want more People of Walmart, these lovely Walmart patrons are Sexy and They Know It.


67 Responses to "25 Sexiest People Of Walmart"

  1. VeryLameTaco says:

    This would be very cool if I didn’t already see it at another site. Nice copy and paste job.

  2. Boo Hoo says:

    Oh no! boo hoo hoo hoo

  3. dja says:

    Very amusing.

  4. Wal-Mart Cashier says:

    I can’t believe I took the time to read some of those blogs or write one myself. That makes me ALMOST as bad as the people about to be bashed. Does this affect any of your personal lives? For your sakes I hope not. Does either website give a shit about you personally or these pointless blogs from people who spend too much time on the internet? NO. No matter what you say, no matter how you feel, nothing is going to change and this website will exist and function and website theivery will continue to thrive. So all you sperm gargling tornado twats can stick your keyboards where your head all ready is. (if you didn’t figure it out, it’s your sphincter) (( which means ass))


    OK, the first pic, with the old guy’s moose knuckle – who else fapped their dick raw to that? Anyone? Anyone? No? Wow … just me?

    Ah, FUCK. This happens every goddamn time.

  6. pete says:

    you’re dumb…its only stealing if its copyrighted which im absolutely sure theyre not…so go elsewhere and remove the sand from your vagina

  7. Sam says:

    Yeah, you should probably credit people of wal mart, it’s only being mentioned everywhere right now, so it’s not like people don’t know it’s out there.

  8. Manoman says:

    Some pics aren’t taken in or around Walmarts, you guys suck!

  9. vageen says:

    Fire Johnny for this crap!

  10. Taco Diarrhea says:

    This site aint a fucking history paper, holy taco doesn’t have to cite shit. Go beat off on your own annotated bibliography if that gives you such a hard-on.

  11. lol @ fanbitches says:

    STFU or GTFO or a combination of both you internet nerd…you will still be here probably everyday…along with the dumb phuk who said he’s taking this site off his rss feed…’she’ can STFU too…cry-baby ass fuckboys, my bad fanboys, what’s wrong? your voice not being heard on your blog or something so you have to release your 40 year old virgin on a comment post on a website named holy taco?? get real… “turn people off from this crap” and you used to check here 10 times a day…lmfao, im sorry but your a dumbass period

  12. peopleofwalmart.com {Admins.} says:


  13. peopleofwalmart.com says:

    Wow stealing from an upstart website. Good job! Look for your lawsuit in the mail. Seriously give credit where credit is due dumbasses! Not citing your sources is the same as plagiarism.

  14. lol hacks is a jock rider says:

    LMAO yo homie, why are you flip floppin?? first your pissed like the rest of these fuckers, then you cosign with someone who says get over it and move on, haha jock rider

  15. RetardedSpiderman says:

    That’s your idea for an upstart website? Pictures of people at Walmart? Wow looks like your idea has already cashed itself out. You should’ve just started a site called reallygenericstereotypes.com and had this be a category on it. Good for one viewing and that’s about it.

  16. Sean says:

    some people are way too upset about peopleofwalmart getting screwed. visit peopleofwalmart everyday for a week and tell me what you enjoyed more

  17. Sean's Right says:

    Dude, of course these guys ripped off another site. It’s their thing.

    All their top stories are jacked from buzzfeed.com.

    Thank God they don’t do more original shit because when they do it totally sucks. Have you seen those lame flow charts with their giant logo all over them like someone would actually rip them off.

    What a joke. No one’s going to rip you guys off.

  18. Hacks says:

    So fucking true, you said it man.

  19. People of Walmart Webmaster says:

    I grant holy taco full permission to use these images I stole and didn’t photograph myself either. Also, anyone who enjoys blowing me and would like to defend my honor on other web sites’s comment sections should come over tonight. It’s lasagna night.

  20. silent says:

    chill the fuck out go get laid u will feel better if not to play with your monkey. if u aint into that go buy a hooker

  21. El Moose says:


  22. Michael McMichaels says:

    Combined with the old man in the diaper, this post has officially inverted my penis.

  23. kingdingaling says:

    I agree with silent, the world would be a beautiful place if everyone would just get a hooker, think of it as community service

  24. BrutalDeluxe says:

    Do you think the hookers will be available under WalMart’s layaway plan? ‘Cause that would be convenient.

  25. sivart says:

    i can’t believe nobody went here:


    you are all much smarter than me…

    you have been warned.

  26. lamb says:

    That fifth or so guy from the bottom with the rockin’ blonde mullet has one hell of a bubble butt. Jesus, Mary and Joseph thats a round ass!

  27. Goatlover69 says:

    That was a handsome goat, does anyone know its name?

  28. MTE says:

    I did see an albino with a mullet at my wal-mart a few months ago…

    No, I am not making THAT up.

  29. Hacks says:

    Thats it, you guys are a bunch of fucking stealing Hacks. First you steal from “There I fixed it” with no Citation now you do the same thing to “People of Walmart”. You guys are fucking posers. I just went from checking this site 10 times a day to never again visiting this shithole of a blog. And I’ll do everything in my power to turn other people off from this crap. I wish you fucking faggots the worst.

  30. farmer ted says:


  31. WTF? says:

    OMG! So funny – you should totally take these and post them on their very own site.

    Call it http://peopleofwalmart.com/

    Oh wait, someone did that.

    And you took content and didn’t credit them.


    Especially because you guys are obviously concerned with ownership because you watermark every damn thing on your site.

  32. ABVer says:

    No citation? OMG! Someone call the internet police!!!

  33. part of the solution says:

    shut the fuck up, nark. honestly, i really think holy taco should hotlink the images from that retarded site and steal all their bandwidth as well.

    Whine away piss-bag.

  34. The Fapper says:


  35. Anonymous Coward says:

    The black chick just below the “shotgun guy” actually *is* pretty hot . . . .if you like the BBW look that is.

  36. Question says:


  37. Answer says:


  38. Jack Of All Trades says:

    with the last pic, its almost as if this gallery should be in the Twilight Zone

  39. Thieves says:

    Way to steal everything from peopleofwalmart.com and give no citation.

  40. WelcomeToTheInternet says:

    The Walmart site doesn’t own any of these pics anyway. Some of them are user submitted, but most of them they’ve probably stolen from other sites. It’s the internet. That’s what happens. Deal with it or GTFO.

  41. Yea boiii says:

    thank god for the last one. my penis was about to shrivel up

  42. PacMan says:

    Same here buddy.

  43. The Jesus says:

    I agree with Thieves. give the geniuses at peopleofwalmart.com credit you unoriginal bastards.

  44. Yeah says:

    Unoriginal fucks.

  45. Fuck Holy Taco says:

    I agree with Thieves and The Jesus. You stole from http://www.peopleofwalmart.com and didn’t credit them. This piece of shit web site is coming off my RSS feed. There’s better and funnier sites out there.

  46. schonfeld supers says:

    not to mention sites that actually DON’T give you viruses

  47. GFY says:

    Then go somewhere else and shut the fuck up…

  48. philosypher says:

    The flooded wal mart girl is hot

  49. Piss fetish says:

    I remember that day when the local walmart flooded. I showed up in my dads waders and stood next to fat girls while pretending to look at some grocery product and I urinated on myself and nobody was the wiser. These opportunities don’t happen everyday.

  50. Don says:

    Funniest crapfest I’ve read in a while. Thanks, guys.

  51. deez says:

    I hear the chick in the last photo blows people for 5 bucks in the walmart bathroom

  52. Trollololololol says:

    Hey now. That girl on the bottom is great. Shes worth more than you will ever offer. Plus I know her is fuck you,you fucking cum dumpster.

  53. jade says:

    you guys r funny us r not sexy us r ugly thats how funny us r cause u r uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!;lol but for realss

  54. plugthegulf com says:

    plugthegulf.com is one of the best ideas I have seen in since peopleofwalmart.com. The idea is to submit photos of items, people, etc that we could plug the oil pipe with in the Gulf of Mexico. Its a new site but growing rapidly. So far users have submitted Al Gore, Sham Wow, Mighty Putty, etc

  55. Hey says:

    Hey now I know the last girl too. Shes an awesome person! and hot

  56. Laudieda says:

    WOW!!! You all must have gone to the same school, or do you just like to spell
    F…. ,…BLAW,….. BLAW,? I hope you wash your hands before you eat or whatever.
    The wall-mart cashier had the most points for one of a kind come back. She was to the point, lol of no return. This is pretty funny stuff and I am sure I will look at this site again.
    Just for shits & giggles!

  57. MemeL says:

    Why can’t everyone just get along? For one,not all of us knew about the people of walmart site- so thanks for letting me know.I bookmarked it as it looks hilarious! Another thing, each site has its own humerous articles that some of us haven’t seen somewhere else because either we don’t have time or again, don’t know about all the other humor sites. Y’all have to lighten up. Most content on the Internet is public domain so no one is actually “stealing” it. I listen to that crap enough every day about copyright garbage sharing Paint Shop Pro tubes. (Tho most of you probably don’t know what they are – pictures turned into “paints” to create”.) When you are bored as I was when I was looking for a good laugh, you follow a link from an AOL story and land here..and laugh your azz off..that’s the point: to ENJOY a site, to LAUGH, so c’mon some of yas – CHILL the heck out!! Thanks for reading my rant and thanks to Holy Taco for much needed laughs when I am bored and too tired to surf for them!

  58. MemeL says:

    Another site I’ve bookmarked for a good laugh! Thanks much! Laughter IS the BEST medicine. Some of you Holy Taco posters have provided me several sites to go when I’m bored and too dang tired to surf for a good laugh so thanks again! Holy Taco is a very funny site as well IMO.

  59. Peg says:

    I agree, also, did those people give permission for their picture to be taken and posted to begin with? So, who is stealing what? Hell, we’re all enjoying these pics.

  60. Voice of Reason says:

    Are you “give Wal-Mart some credit” people serious?
    We’re talking pictures of losers walking around Wal-Mart,
    not the goddamn Mona Lisa.

  61. Trollololololol says:

    Proof for you faggout that require it.http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/KSIulgymom

  62. Njoo says:

    Wal-Mart Cashier?
    Are you that Blonde with the Mullet pushing the ladder?
    You’re pretty hot! (from behind)
    I wanna’ take you out to Red Lobster, whaddya say? ;D

  63. Njoo says:

    P.S. I would drink soda off that one guys
    sweaty ass crack.
    I wanna’ taste the hairy goodness of it all.
    MM! -_-

  64. Sydneysider says:

    Those comments were the funniest shit I’ve ever read.. You guys need to get a life.. lol

    Holy Taco is awesome!

  65. Bre says:

    hahaha the last one is my cousin! we got good genes :)