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25 Sexy Baseball Fans

It’s Opening Day for baseball today, here are 25 girls you will miss at the ballpark because you went to work instead.


32 Responses to "25 Sexy Baseball Fans"

  1. darwinjalen says:

    That was great!!! :)

  2. A says:

    I’d say the red sox win this one.

  3. darwinjalen says:

    Cute and pretty sexy…..bestsexymodel

  4. manish agarwal says:

    superb body

  5. eclipsedfloyd89 says:

    Go Sox!!!

  6. guess who says:


  7. Niomi says:

    Too bad even these girls can’t make baseball interesting.

  8. Tom Arnold says:

    LOVE those Astros!

  9. Dread Fred says:

    That last one got me going..gawd I love cottage cheese legs

  10. ddawg says:

    the last picture raped my eyeballs. thanks holy taco

  11. Captain Obvious says:

    isnt that donkeyxote in #25?

  12. DonkeyXote's Consistantly Drunk and Sexually Abusive Uncle says:

    Yes, yes it is

  13. pratik says:

    The Cubs girls are the easiest to get with… they’re used to disappointment.

  14. Cub's Fan says:

    i would take offense to that, if it weren’t true…

  15. richard in a container says:

    she puts the ASS in Astros.

  16. 2009 Tax says:

    I like the two girls with Carrot Top.

  17. i like stupid crap says:

    baseball is not a sport.

  18. CHILD says:

    NO BREWERS? me likes the dodgers

  19. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    I wonder what that last one would look like taking a dump. I personally would love to wipe her pooper with my fingers!

  20. Jp14 says:

    That last one was a punch in the gut. That shit is just plain nasty.

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  21. Gp says:

    Glad im not a Astros fan!!

  22. Meraj says:

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  23. drunken monkey says:

    Dam the last pic was a STRIKE

  24. Nutbuster says:


  25. koskesh says:

    WTF !st?!!!!

  26. sjloppy joe says:

    damn im an astros fan, hahahaha

  27. sex-pun guy says:

    they can suck on my bat any time

  28. 4353422345342534 says:

    gay fucckss

  29. gnarbuckets says:

    ooo is dat sum Sara Jean Underwood?

  30. Travis Bucharest says:

    These are awesome! Too bad the only great thing about these teams are the girls.

  31. woah says:

    for a sec I thought #2 was Anne Hathaway.

  32. gh says:

    Who is the NY girl?