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25 Sexy Brazilian Soccer Fans

One more day until the World Cup.  We haven’t really settled on a favorite to win it all.  But if the competition came down to sexiest fans, Brazil would win before the first game even started.


46 Responses to "25 Sexy Brazilian Soccer Fans"

  1. Your Moms Ass says:

    Soccer sucks donkey dick

  2. him says:

    The girl in the second to last pic is probably the hottest woman to have ever lived

  3. larry rules says:

    larry speaks the truth

  4. Larry the lashtronaut says:

    Ha ha ha baseball a sport? don’t make me laugh
    American ‘football’? what a joke, bunch of pansies wearing armour so they don’t hurt themselves, aawwwww diddums. Try playing rugby, a true mans game
    In fact, America in general is seen as a joke all around the world.
    In short, America = cunts

  5. HB says:

    Good pictorial

  6. 'merica F'ck Yeah! says:

    …but we love your websites.

  7. JT says:

    It’s not the lack of commercial breaks americans can’t stand, it’s that you have to move 45minutes straight they can’t comprehend, they watch football and think no man can move 45 minutes without a break no man this must be fake. in american fagball some fat guy move around stand for 1 minute then they throw something they call a football then the game stops, perfect game for america you don’t even get tired just change clothes and go back home eating cheeseburgers :)

  8. BUTTERNUT says:

    What’s the difference between jam and jelly? It’s pretty hard to ‘jelly’ your cock down a girls throat. ps. British guy, do you want some Jam? Shut the fuck up.

  9. Odin Allfather says:

    Soccer is for poor people. That is why it has more fans. If you like soccer that is fine but it is boring. So very boring. More boring than baseball but less boring than golf.

  10. LAPD says:

    Dear Larry,

    You and your pathetic country are under America’s thumb. Keep whispering in your bitch gossip circle about who you hate and who is a joke while America continues to be your better.

    Now calm down and know your place. Never post anything again ever.

  11. Big V says:

    Both Soccer & American Football are great sports!!
    The answer everyone is looking for though is AFL (Australian Football League)
    I promise that anyone that watches a full game of AFL will not look at their preferred sport and say it’s as physically demanding and entertaining than AFL.

  12. Anonymous11111 says:

    Anyone got a link to the pic of the girl without the smileys?? lol

  13. Nope says:

    Really? A post about Brazil woman and only 1 pic of asses.. You guys FAIL

  14. prince don says:

    any girls going for the match in durban ? wanna meet up

  15. Gobbo says:

    Kind of like your mum’s ass then?

  16. jelly roll says:

    Question: Which ones have bigger dicks than you?

    Answer: 4,7,10,11,16,19 & 23

    11 almost got me HT!!

  17. DingDong says:

    Soccer babes are always awesome!!!

  18. A nony mouse says:

    Perfectly sound reasons to move to Brazil.

  19. Scott Stapp says:

    #4 looks like the lead singer of Creed.

  20. Non American and loving it says:

    Eye candy like this is the only reason to go to a soccer game. It’s not like you’ll miss anything on the field.

  21. Proper says:

    American football doesn’t make sense?? It’s called “football” because the ball is a foot long, no wonder why people think Americans are dumb, they don’t even understand the history of their own sport!!!!

  22. AmericanHandEgg says:

    The game is called football (You kick a ball with your feet).
    And yeah! We know you Americans don’t like the game. 45 minutes without any commercials. That can’t be right.

  23. LeMerde says:

    60 people with 1 ball? Actually on a footie field, there is a max of 22 players on the pitch at a time (11-a-side), same as American football. Get your facts straight.

  24. AmericanFootAss says:

    Its actually the simplicity of the game we loathe. It really is like watching a bunch of kids at recess running around playing tag. But hardcore kids! Yeah! Hardcore knee high socks! Hardcore shorts!

    You can keep your checkers. We’ll play chess. Oh, and we’ll take the name even though it doesn’t make sense … and you’re lunch money.

  25. Scando! says:

    Stupid twat. ‘You’re lunch money’??? Are you calling the guy for lunch money? You think he looks like lunch money? Or are you just a silly American?

    If you do not understand the game of football, and what skills and tactical play it requires then I pity you. Have fun with your baseball and American football. I can see Americans like sports where most of the time is spent watching commercials and people walking around doing nothing, before you see 30 seconds of play. Awesome, innit?

  26. FootAs says:

    I grew up watching american football, but after watching soccer for a few years, I realize American football is the simplicity sport. And don’t even go there with why its named “football” when it should be called “Armored Rugby” or something. American football gets boring now, make a play… stop, regroup, make another play , stop, regroup, on and on… I used to love American Football (but that was because its all I knew), but its just not that great anymore. Soccer/Futball is more exciting!

  27. Soccer Sucks says:

    45 minutes without any commercials…more like 45 minutes without a shot on goal or any excitement at all. The only reason it is popular is because 60 people can play with only one ball.

  28. Olala says:

    You GAYS are missing the point of this beautiful montage: ASS! Take the sports talk to ESPN, bitches!

  29. Bird in your house says:


  30. Renaldo says:

    first to say soccer sucks…

  31. Rampart says:

    6 billionth to say soccer sucks

  32. Scando! says:

    It’s called football you gypsy.

  33. apeman24 says:

    it’s soccer you dumb fucking cunt.

  34. (football>baseball)x infinity says:


  35. mrca fuk yeah says:

    every sport requires its own athleticism. with that said, accoring to physicists and mathmeticians baseball shouldn’t be able to be played. according to physicists, curveballs and other off-speed pitches have no movement. the spin of the ball apparently can create the illusion that the ball drops from chest level to knee level. mathmeticians say that it is impossible to hit a baseball because all of the factors i.e. speed, distance from the mound to the plate, the size of the baseball, etc. combine to not allow humans to be able to react quickly enough to make contact with the ball. come talk to me when science/math can’t explain part of soccer.

  36. suck on this seano says:

    sounds like ur still a virgin for starters. and second of all science CAN explain all parts of baseball. if its so impossible to play baseball why are 5 & 6 yr olds playing it? because its easy numb nuts. baseball requires minimal effort. the most exertion u feel is when u run the ten yrds to the bag in like 85 seconds cause ur too busy looking at the refreshment stand wondering why ur daddy hits mommy while he drinks even tho u were Walked due to the picther throwing shitty pitches cuz he was also looking at the refreshment stand and day dreaming about the Choco Taco his beaten mother will buy him with her stripper money. U like math and science right buddy? heres one for u… U x 8===> is equal to: Ur first time or if that one isn’t good enough try this one… (Soccer > Baseball) x infinity!!!

  37. gogosplata says:

    Yea ….. soccer the only ” sport ” a 3 year old can play !

  38. Bob says:

    you’re right. baseball is much more of a sport. the ones that actually require athletic ability are stupid.

  39. TitFucker McGee says:

    If you honestly think that baseball requires no athleticism then you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about and should just go back to sucking on your futballs

  40. suck on this seano says:

    I would have like to see babe ruth’s fat alcoholic wife beating mic ass out there keeping up with the soccer players. Unlike baseball soccer is a world sport. They dont call it the world cup and then only let american teams play. The world series is a joke. Its should be called the lets see which team has more money….(yankees) The world cup requires talent, skill, and great coaching not some old fat washed up asshole baseball “player” who can kick dirton some other assholes shoes. Soccer is better than BASEBALL ANYDAY OF THE WEEK………..but its not better than football…

  41. Donkeyxote's Mother says:

    First to say I suck!

  42. pratik says:

    The chicks cheering for Italy and Argentina are also quite smoking.

  43. Xsile says:

    Brazilian soccer fan babes are awsome !!!!

  44. your name says:

    This one was to easy… I can google sexy-brazian-soccer-fans and I’ll get better quality, I still think HT is sucking balls.

  45. anal_destruktor says:


  46. Boomhower's little brother says:

    Dang ol’ DonkeyXote loooves playing with balls!