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25 Sexy Corona Girls

We all know it is Cinco de Mayo and what a perfect holiday: beer, chips, salsa, and girls in either bikinis or blue spandex!

Bonus Round! There were too many hot ones to keep it to 25.

26 Responses to "25 Sexy Corona Girls"

  1. Da1DatBangedYoURMom says:

    In Neuvo Lorado across the boarder at the strip clubs there are corona bottles on the floor you put a quarter on top of it and the girls pick it up with there snatch…..btw i didnt drink it afterwords …

  2. Burn Your Friends says:

    Corona is fucking great. I don’t know what Corona you’ve tried. You were probably drinking some Bud Light Lime at a frat party and were too drunk to realize the difference… then there was a bro rape.

  3. dirtysanchez87 says:

    thats a lie you picked that motherfucka up no hands face first

  4. Harry Potter says:

    Holy Shit Hermione!! Told you she swallows Ron..

  5. holysh*t says:

    Holy No.7 Looks like a Donkey

  6. Mothers Day says:

    There were a couple that had much better bodies than faces.

  7. Ron Weasly says:

    She also does anal and a2m…

  8. This girl is hot says:

    All of them are hot! yummy!!

    BTW, Corona Beer is made in Puerto Rico, right?

  9. Captain Obvious says:

    For everyone who doesn’t “habla espanol,” cinco de Mayo means “fifth of May”

  10. DonkeyXote says:

    EWW! I’ll take the new hunk from the Old Spice commercialls…


  11. Phil Jones says:

    The chicks are fine, the beer? I would rather pee in my mouth. Which is what i do when i dun out of beer to recycle my buzz.

  12. wowzer says:

    shit beer… nice girls tho’

  13. Neville Longbottom says:

    She takes mung like a pro. Oh, I hope my pedi grandma didn’t hear me or she’ll beat me like a house elf.

  14. Ralph the Wonder Llama says:

    Seriously? and I bet you are just tapping all sorts of better tail than that? You would turn them all down right, beacuse you are such a stud that you can get better? whatever douche bag

  15. no way 2 says:

    seriously? most of these girls are mediocre at best. get some real hos

  16. The Naughty Professor says:

    Where is the contest winner from last week?

  17. Jo Diggs says:

    Wow, Corona girls totally ROCK!


  18. WTF says:

    so true they were hot as hell

  19. gary coleman says:

    OMG! THIRD! even better than second!!! oh and justin, for posting this your just an unfunny piece of shit, not a faggot unfunny piece of shit. CONGRATULATIONS!

  20. justin says:
    Be honest: what percentage of girls crack up laughing when you show them your dwarf penis? 90? 95? 100?!
  21. omgwtfbbq says:

    “Is it like.. hiding behind that small flap of skin?”

  22. holy taco says:


  23. Hermione Extra says:

    Emma Watson drinks Corona!

  24. Chicoson says:

    Best posting name ever. Also, best final picture ever (or least only one so far that hasn’t made my penis shrivel up like Gary Coleman’s ^^.

  25. Anonymousy says:

    #1: hairy armpits
    #4: butterface

    this gallery has potential, brb, getting some kleenex

  26. shitface says:

    There are 76 Corona girls! Even better!