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25 Sexy Gingers



44 Responses to "25 Sexy Gingers"

  1. kenerhai says:


  2. tim says:

    That was the 1st thing I thought. This list is a joke without Kari.

  3. Gabby says:

    WHERE is RUPERT GRINT?? or since the list is all female…WHERE IS BONNIE WRIGHT??
    Most of these girls are unknowns.

  4. Phil Jones says:

    ^ Ginger alert! and a faggy one at that too.

  5. your mother's side dish says:

    where the f*ck is amy adams???

  6. Body Massage says:

    wheres the red head from american pie?

  7. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    ^ Homo alert!

  8. Ben Affleck says:

    Quid Quo Pro, Clarice…
    That girl is completely unattractive. Vomit.

  9. RedSled says:

    Red on the Head, Fire in the Hole

  10. Tatts says:

    WTF you forgot the best one of them all Kari from Mythbusters.

  11. BIG DICK MAN says:


  12. Paddy O'Mick says:

    Sad to say i did also. now what am i sposed to squeeze one off to??? answer that HT!! Answer that!!

  13. Phil Jones says:

    I would probably do ginger #1 ad Julianne Moore. Afterwards, i will do Donkey and Dwight too. We can run the cock train on each other. Yesssss!

  14. Jesus Christ, WTF says:

    Gingers have no souls…but I’ll still motorboat them titties.

  15. DonkeyXote says:

    We just finished a mexican bible study, so he was unable to supply the Taco with a pic for this post.

  16. uglytaco says:

    and where is the psycho ginger kid who makes videos in his backyard?

  17. ZombieMuff1n says:

    wheres the girl that plays Jessica in True Blood, anybody? cmon!

  18. yea boiii says:

    man some of these look like they have been photoshopped to death

  19. Al-P says:

    some were neither sexy nor a real ginger. get with the program HT. otherwise, the majority of the gingers were bangin fuckin hot

  20. Marcelo Von Dort says:

    Amy Adams is amazing red hair!!!!beatiful ginger!!!!

  21. Stinky says:


  22. deadrody says:

    Nikki Rhodes and Holly Hansen are missing

  23. Sha-wing says:

    School girl 12 from bottom looks like she has downs

  24. ELL857 says:

    OMG I do so love readheads!

  25. Ed says:

    Uh oh, looks like DonkeyPwnte’s back, and it has it’s crusty panties in a bunch. Plus, your little riff makes no sense seeing as how Dwight pwned you here:


    So until you come up with something that’s original and surpasses that, STFU and GTFO.

  26. A chick with a VAGINA says:

    Dwight K. Schrute always recycling other people’s lines!


    Also notice how Dwight has come out of his shell now that DonkeyXote isn’t around anymore.

    Now, that’s FUNNY!

  27. Slick Willy says:


  28. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    Flickin’ the bean probably, why do you ask?

  29. bob says:

    where’s the mythbuster chick?

  30. I was waiting for Ginger and the Professor on Gilligan’s Island.

  31. New Guy says:

    couple of brunettes as well…

  32. Weaker sauce says:

    Canadian eh? Damn canadians…

  33. jethro says:

    Gingers eh? Damn gingers…

  34. Your Moms Ass says:

    Americans eh? Damn stupid fat fuckers.

  35. Your moms dick says:

    Foreigners eh? Wishes they were American =/.

  36. Step says:

    OOOH burn America xD

  37. Office Jerk, says:

    I was expecting the angry Ginger.

  38. pratik says:

    I was expecting Carrot Top to be the last pic.

  39. Carrot Top says:

    Yeah me too. What gives HT?

  40. Ricky says:

    Most of them dont count as gingers.

  41. Rick says:

    Don’t think Asians count as gingers.

  42. H8er says:

    The title of this should be, “25 Sexy Girls That Dye Their Hair a Reddish Color”.

  43. KrispyKotex says:

    Where is Tina Louis from Gilligan’s Island?