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25 Sexy Gingers



44 Responses to "25 Sexy Gingers"

  1. Marcelo Von Dort says:

    Amy Adams is amazing red hair!!!!beatiful ginger!!!!

  2. Stinky says:


  3. BIG DICK MAN says:


  4. uglytaco says:

    and where is the psycho ginger kid who makes videos in his backyard?

  5. Tatts says:

    WTF you forgot the best one of them all Kari from Mythbusters.

  6. Jesus Christ, WTF says:

    Gingers have no souls…but I’ll still motorboat them titties.

  7. Gabby says:

    WHERE is RUPERT GRINT?? or since the list is all female…WHERE IS BONNIE WRIGHT??
    Most of these girls are unknowns.

  8. Sha-wing says:

    School girl 12 from bottom looks like she has downs

  9. deadrody says:

    Nikki Rhodes and Holly Hansen are missing

  10. Phil Jones says:

    ^ Ginger alert! and a faggy one at that too.

  11. tim says:

    That was the 1st thing I thought. This list is a joke without Kari.

  12. kenerhai says:


  13. Al-P says:

    some were neither sexy nor a real ginger. get with the program HT. otherwise, the majority of the gingers were bangin fuckin hot

  14. Body Massage says:

    wheres the red head from american pie?

  15. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    ^ Homo alert!

  16. ZombieMuff1n says:

    wheres the girl that plays Jessica in True Blood, anybody? cmon!

  17. Paddy O'Mick says:

    Sad to say i did also. now what am i sposed to squeeze one off to??? answer that HT!! Answer that!!

  18. Phil Jones says:

    I would probably do ginger #1 ad Julianne Moore. Afterwards, i will do Donkey and Dwight too. We can run the cock train on each other. Yesssss!

  19. yea boiii says:

    man some of these look like they have been photoshopped to death

  20. ELL857 says:

    OMG I do so love readheads!

  21. DonkeyXote says:

    We just finished a mexican bible study, so he was unable to supply the Taco with a pic for this post.

  22. your mother's side dish says:

    where the f*ck is amy adams???

  23. Ben Affleck says:

    Quid Quo Pro, Clarice…
    That girl is completely unattractive. Vomit.

  24. RedSled says:

    Red on the Head, Fire in the Hole

  25. Your Moms Ass says:

    Americans eh? Damn stupid fat fuckers.

  26. Step says:

    OOOH burn America xD

  27. jethro says:

    Gingers eh? Damn gingers…

  28. Your moms dick says:

    Foreigners eh? Wishes they were American =/.

  29. Weaker sauce says:

    Canadian eh? Damn canadians…

  30. Office Jerk, says:

    I was expecting the angry Ginger.

  31. pratik says:

    I was expecting Carrot Top to be the last pic.

  32. Carrot Top says:

    Yeah me too. What gives HT?

  33. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    Flickin’ the bean probably, why do you ask?

  34. A chick with a VAGINA says:

    Dwight K. Schrute always recycling other people’s lines!


    Also notice how Dwight has come out of his shell now that DonkeyXote isn’t around anymore.

    Now, that’s FUNNY!

  35. bob says:

    where’s the mythbuster chick?

  36. Slick Willy says:


  37. Ed says:

    Uh oh, looks like DonkeyPwnte’s back, and it has it’s crusty panties in a bunch. Plus, your little riff makes no sense seeing as how Dwight pwned you here:


    So until you come up with something that’s original and surpasses that, STFU and GTFO.

  38. Rick says:

    Don’t think Asians count as gingers.

  39. Ricky says:

    Most of them dont count as gingers.

  40. New Guy says:

    couple of brunettes as well…

  41. I was waiting for Ginger and the Professor on Gilligan’s Island.

  42. H8er says:

    The title of this should be, “25 Sexy Girls That Dye Their Hair a Reddish Color”.

  43. KrispyKotex says:

    Where is Tina Louis from Gilligan’s Island?