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25 Sexy Halloween Costumes

Ok, so there’s more than 25. Who’s really counting anyway? Not us, we can only count to potato.


36 Responses to "25 Sexy Halloween Costumes"

  1. Anony says:

    hey dummy, there are 33 sexy costumes (not counting the last one-not sexy). Learn how to count.

  2. pratik says:

    The sexy Dorothy made me die a little inside, but I still fapped to it.

  3. jelly roll says:

    all the girls dress up as fat chicks at my party

  4. Chicoson says:

    I would totally tap that chick in #18. See what I did there?

  5. pratik says:

    Since most of the commenters refer to the pics as numbers, maybe the HT people should actually number them for easy reference.

    Makes it a lot easier when someone says “#6 is actually a guy.” Because I check those kinds of things.

  6. Mammogram machine says:

    I took the time to count down, realized your shitty try at a joke, and there goes 30 seconds of my life I’ll never get back.

  7. Marionette says:

    Are you sure they’re not just fat chicks?

  8. queeftard's retarded brother says:

    Who cares? There’s a chick wearing a ribbon for a shirt, gaymo.

  9. Aunt Jemima says:

    They are wearing hats

  10. Anonymickeymouse says:

    #5 and #6 are the hottest.

  11. Mermaid is says:

    Jennifer Walcott

  12. Quasimofo says:

    The chick in the red cowboy hat and bikini looks like Jodie Sweetin. Tits are a to small to be her.

  13. heyheyheyyyyyy says:

    HAHAHAHAHA omg the three girls in picture 6 down from the top.. they all go to my high school HAHA

  14. Hmmmm says:

    The girl on the right in picture 6 looks like a young Ariel Summers so much so that I believe it just might be her circa 2003-2004.

  15. Sci fi masturbator says:

    What happened to the picture of the 5th element chick? I was all ready to fap to her and she’s gone. Fucking HT.

  16. queeftard's retarded brother says:

    While the Steeler’s chick does have a nice ass, she’s a brown bagger because of that schnoz and lesbo feathered hair.

  17. Dread Fred says:

    4th from the last is that dude sleeping, drunk or freaking bored?

  18. queeftard's retarded brother's gay butt sex partner says:

    Whatever, you’d clamp a bear trap on your balls just to save one of her toenail clippings, gerbil shitter.

  19. Mr Pinchy says:

    Did anyone notice that the sailor chicks are actually not wearing anything ;)
    Its only body paint :P YUM

  20. frolic unauthor- says:

    Do you hang out with philosopher, by any chance?

  21. noahaction says:

    i’m leaning towards the mermaid

  22. Chicoson says:

    The last pic this time was legitimately hilarious this time. And I didn’t vomit or bleach my eyes.

    I plan as going as that guy this Halloween.

  23. asdasdasd says:




  24. Bonker says:

    She is a dog!

  25. Johnnny Mastodon says:

    Lilu, by GOD I’d bang her in a heartbeat!! Forget the butterface, I love that bod !!!

  26. Karpo says:

    Oh my god, the fifth element chick. The fifth element chick, oh my god.

  27. Office jerk's boss says:

    office jerk, did you really just admit to the world that you are holding someone’s dad’s dick in your hands–without even being prodded by the pressure of responding to a comeback? no wonder your typing skills suck and your productivity has gone way down. you are a dumb sack of shit. you’re fired.

  28. Inferno's Light says:

    Well done, you bastards! Well done indeed.

  29. office jerk says:

    i highly approve

  30. office jerk says:

    also, couldn’t help but noticing the delicious irony in using the censored “Danger F#ck off” yellow tape on a near-nude girl. she gets go hard ups from me.

    also, one of the captcha code words was “hard”

    i like that

  31. office jerk says:

    *go = two. it’s hard to type with your dad’s dick in my hands.

  32. Sweep the Leg Johnny says:

    The kid passed out in the chair in the 3rd to the last pic has an empty wine cooler bottle next to his foot. That chick should tear off his sideburn.

  33. Brucey says:

    I’m dressing as Carson Kressley for my boyfriend. Maybe that will encourage him to felch me like he used to do when we first met.

  34. A nony mouse says:

    At least they put my wedding photo last…

  35. s3xt0y says:

    half of em are ugly bitches