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25 Sexy Little People

You’re not supposed to call them midgets anymore, but don’t be ashamed to call a few of them boneable.  Oh yeah, we went there.


13 Responses to "25 Sexy Little People"

  1. PyroDwarf says:

    I didn’t know they made Japanese midgets This is awesome.

  2. Debt Relief says:

    What’s that joke about a cup holder?

  3. derek says:

    is that Perez Hilton in the 7th picture down??

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    The fuck is that midget sucking on, a condom?

  5. Trask Runswilder says:


  6. Orifice Jerkoff says:


  7. Poopface says:

    Where’s Snooki?

  8. The Naughty Professor says:

    I threw up in my mouth and got a boner simultaneously.

  9. Ian Fortey says:
    That’s how we define success.
  10. MexicanAmerican says:


  11. Al says:

    Is #1 Short Kim Kardashian? Awesome, Britney Spears is everywhere!

  12. D.Sharp says:

    I thought 3 was Mini Winehouse…

  13. Bender McScroat says:

    The one in a white top, holding a pint…..Reese Witherspoon?