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25 Sexy Mechanics

hot girl with a torch

Frankly I’m stunned we haven’t done this gallery already but whatever.  Now to say something clever about sex lady mechanics – boy I’d like to check under her hood!  Ha ha ha! No., but really, it’s nice to see women excel in a traditionally male dominated field.


under the car

nice volkswagon

blonde mechanic

naked girl checking car

really small shirt

mechanic outfit

white top

mechanic in red

mechanic bikini

hard working girl

mechanic ass

hot mechanic

mechanic in black

mechanic girl in an unsafe uniform

can't fit boobs under the car

hot mechanic

white tank mechanic

bike mechanic

couple of mechanics

mechanic in blue

under the hood

mostly undressed mechanic

greasy girl

9 Responses to "25 Sexy Mechanics"

  1. jimmy smith says:

    great gallery, but the same girl showed up 3 times

  2. morterforker says:

    i would pay money for her to show up once..

  3. Dennis Nedry says:

    Is there anything that pretty women can’t make more compelling by just showing up? Whether it’s melting glaciers, drying paint, or a typical conversation with a female during a date, it simply doesn’t matter. Hotness does what magnetism and radiation in pseudo-science simply can’t do. It makes everything better somehow in real terms. In 2010 after I lost an arm in a hiking accident, the only that kept me alive for eight straight hours without medical aid was my downloaded porn collection.

  4. DonkeyXote says:

    I really need to control these damn erections!

    Damn you HT!!

  5. Critter says:

    chick #4 is licking only half an adjustable wrench. does she not know where that’s been???