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25 Sexy Pictures of NBA Finals Dancers

The NBA finals start tonight.  Lakers vs. Celtics.  Who ya got?  We’re going Celtics in six.  And to honor the kick off of the series, here’s 25 sexy pics of Laker Girls and Celtics Dancers!


31 Responses to "25 Sexy Pictures of NBA Finals Dancers"

  1. Celtics win this contest. They had me at schoolgirl outfits.

  2. Jeff D says:

    Obviously done by a Celtic fan.
    Both crews look good but I have to say the chicks in green look better.
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Celt Phan says:

    call them “The Sultrics”

  4. heykyleinsf says:

    for the Dallas Cowboys fan..

    Hate your team like these two teams and the Yankees.

    But no team in sports has it on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

    They are ultra ueber hot and always have been the hottest.

  5. heykyleinsf says:

    as much as i loathe, and I mean LOATHE both teams,


    It’s close, but I am going to hand it to the Celtics girls.
    They seem to have more energy and looking at them
    is a slight bit nicer on the eyes than the Lakers girls.
    Not that they are eye sores but Celtics girls are a little hotter.

  6. Andra says:

    beautiful girls.check this site http://bluesky89.jimdo.com/ for something too hot

  7. P. MCKAYLE says:

    It is time to update the photos of the Laker Girls. They have several new and very talented dancers on the squad this year. Go Lakers!

  8. Hassle ba ako says:

    No 24 and no 37 is the man for Lakers

  9. Lakersin6 says:

    Die hard laker fan… but man…

    from these pics…. I say the Celtics Girls are way hotter; bodies be bangin!

  10. Jackson Browne says:

    Hey isn’t that the asshole form Girls gone wild sticking his face in behind Jack Nicholson’s pic? whatever that hell that guys name is, he’s an idiot.


  11. getrealsonn!!! says:

    haha i love how this guy had to reply to his own post to make it seem like his view had support
    and yes fuck the celtics
    those dancers r so hot
    i’d fuck the celtics (dancers) i’d fuck them good

  12. koskesh says:


  13. koskesh says:

    Thats right F**k Celtics

  14. Lakers= Second Place says:

    Fuck the celtics, huh? well the celtics dancers are certainly hotter

  15. ouko92 says:


  16. doubell says:

    So lame. Professional cheerleaders? Really?

  17. LoatProphets says:


  18. your name says:

    Where is the funny pic at the end, I’m losing faith with these new “Holy tacoers”… girls are hot though

  19. adamtodbrown says:
    Alright man, ask and you shall receive.  But now there are 26 pictures even though it says there are only 25, which is probably going to tear some kind of hole in the time space continuum and chicks are going to start giving birth to goats and shit.  It was either that or delete that last picture of the Celtics girls in the white boots.  And…no.
  20. republicanamerican says:

    im a laker fan! but i think the celtic girls were hotter

  21. pratik says:

    Just wondering… do the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders moonlight as cheerleaders for the Mavericks?

  22. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    No. They moonlight as whores.

  23. Olala says:


  24. Southern California Fan says:

    Ok, I’m a bit biased here, but lets face it, after the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, we got the USC Cheerleaders-totally hot! and the Laker Girls, by far the best in basketball, no Doubt!!!

  25. P. MCKAYLE says:

    One of the current laker girls is a former DCC and she is far from a whore. These women that perform and support these professional teams could be some of your WIVES, sisters, aunts or even your daughters.
    They happen to be very talented and educated and they deserve to be RESPECTED.
    Lets just help them cheer on the LAKER’S.

  26. hithere says:

    I’m guessing Dwight’s mother is a DCC then.

  27. Anonym0s says:

    im gonna have to go with celtics. although lakers were showing me some pretty nice cameltoe…

  28. Travis Bucharest says:

    Mmm asian ;) I would like her to suck the soy sauce out of my egg roll.

  29. LeBron James says:

    Fappity, FAp, FAP!

  30. D. Ouchebag says:

    Not that the rest of the post wasn’t great…but is that Joe Francis behind Jack Nicholson?